This Might be the Weirdest Wedding Invitation we’ve Ever Seen

Forget tradition, this is one of the most unusual wedding invitations of all time

We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve seen a lot of wedding invitations in our time, from classically beautiful white ones to hilarious invites it's impossible to say not to, but today we think we’ve seen the weirdest one ever.

Image courtesy of Imgur
Image courtesy of Imgur

A couple in the US designed their wedding invites to look like court orders - we can’t imagine the fear they struck in the guests!  

The no frills invites are a far cry from the rose gold calligraphy invites we’re used to seeing, but they do have their own charm, we suppose… 

They deliver all the imperative info (date, time etc.) but we can’t help but think they’re missing the romance of traditional invites. Still, we bet they’ll receive all of their RSVPs on time, you can’t keep the law waiting, after all!

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