Amazon has a wedding gift list service and it includes some BIZARRE items

Own up, who put Freddo’s on their wedding gift list?

Wedding gifts are a troublesome thing; do you ask for money and risk offending people or do you register for something truly unusual, that your guests might struggle to locate?

To make things easier, Amazon has a gift list service, allowing you to create a gift list comprising of anything you can imagine, rather than the usual toasters and cutlery sets.’s Wedding List data has revealed that almost a third (32%) of presents registered on its service in 2016 and 2017 were non-homeware related...

Not the most traditional wedding gift...
Not the most traditional wedding gift...

Some of the more unexpected products ordered from Wedding Lists on include two-person kayaks (great for adventurous couples), Cadbury Freddo bars (well, they are yummy) and camping lanterns.

Oasis’ vinyl record (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? appears to be the soundtrack for British-based newlyweds as it is revealed to be the top purchased music product on Wedding Lists since 2016.

If you could add anything in the world to your wedding gift list, what would it be?


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