How to look good on your honeymoon after a long-haul flight

Follow these top tips to ensure you’re honeymoon-ready when you step off the plane

Your honeymoon: A holiday of a lifetime. The last thing you want is to arrive at your dream destination feeling and looking tired. We get expert advice so you can look flawless when you touch down in paradise. 

Stay hydrated

It’s an obvious piece of advice, but one you really must follow to look your best! A lack of water can give you a headache, make you irritable and dry out your skin. Frida Harju-Westman is a nutritionist at the global health app, Lifesum and she advises that “you should consume plenty of water and avoid salty food and alcohol, before and during the flight.”


Move around

Sitting still in an aeroplane seat for a long period of time isn’t good for your mind or body. There are some gentle movements that you can do while sitting to liven up your muscles. Frida suggests the following: “Stretch out one arm, fingers facing downwards and then use your other arm to pull on your fingers and provide a good stretch.” “Calf stretches are another great way to get your blood flowing and rolling your shoulders backwards will help combat your long-haul slump,” she adds.

Snack on pumpkin seeds

It’s no big secret that plane food isn’t always the best, so taking your own in-flight snacks is always a good idea – just in case! “Pumpkin seeds contain high levels of vitamin E, as well as vitamin A and both of these vitamins are key for glowing, healthy skin,” reports Frida.


Arrive in paradise feeling your best
Images: Getty Images
Arrive in paradise feeling your best Images: Getty Images

Wear compression stockings

Not the sexiest of looks, granted, but these little babies are key for avoiding deep vein thrombosis. Plus, they will stop your legs from swelling up so you don’t have to hide your ankles under maxi dresses as soon as you arrive on holiday!

Get some shut eye

Sam Katterfield, Online Editor for travel search engine, HolidayPirates stresses the importance of getting some zzz’s in on the plane. “Make sure you have a blanket, socks, ear plugs, and a sleeping mask handy at all times when travelling to make it easier to drift off,” says Sam.

Time your drinks wisely

It’s a simple piece of advice, but one that people often fail to take. “If you need to get some sleep, avoid caffeine at all costs,” says Sam. “Instead, opt for a single glass of wine to help yourself drift off.”


With these handy tips you’re all set to touch down on your honeymoon in style.


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