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The Report - Our September Wedding by the Loch


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Well ladies, I’m finally getting around to starting my report! We don’t have our official photographs yet, but I figured I can write a good wee bit without needing them at the moment. So here we go!

The all-important details

The Bride & Groom: Morgan & Frazer

Background: We met back in 2007 at a house party my best friend threw which Frazer was invited to as he was a friend of her then-boyfriend. One thing led to another as they say and here we are ten years later living together in our lovely wee house with our lovely chubby cat. 

The Proposal: So I kind of ruined Frazer’s proposal... we had went for a run in the car up to the Hermitage in Perth, a lovely area with a waterfall and woodland walks, on a sunny day in August 2015. Unfortunately for Frazer, the sunshine brought out a lot of visitors and everywhere we went was pretty busy. After walking about for an hour or so we started to walk up a big hill where there seemed to be less people around. This was when I decided to start whinging about how my feet were sore and did we have to keep walking, could we not just turn back... Yep, Frazer has planned to propose at the top of the hill. Did we reach it? Nope, courtesy of whingy Morgan...

We got back to our house and as we walked in the door I was walking in front of Frazer blabbering on about something or other and taking my coat off. Soon went silent though when I turned round to find Frazer down on one knee in our living room (hadn’t even taken his jacket off yet) with the biggest sparkliest pink ring I could imagine in his hand. I won’t lie, I was so much in shock I burst out laughing. I honestly thought he was joking or taking the piss out of me! Luckily he wasn’t and I finally said yes, though he swears he’ll still never let me live that laughter down... oops!



Yay, you're doing a report! Can't wait to read all about your day. 


I stalked your planning thread towards the end - so glad you are doing a report!  I love your dress and your hair colour is to die for! Can't wait to see how everything came together.


The date: 23rd September 2017 - so picked as it was September weekend for the majority of our guests meaning a lot of them got the Friday and Monday off as well and made a full weekend of it.

The venue: Altskeith Country House on Loch Ard. I really can’t rave about our venue enough! I found it originally in a wedding magazine and put it straight to the top of my top ten venues list, purely for location originally. It was the first of only two venues we went to visit and I completely loved it from the minute we were shown around. Frazer with his sensible hat on said I couldn’t pick the first venue so we went off to the next one a week later, but it just didn’t come close... We got back into the car and Frazer just turned to me and said there was no point looking at any more because we were just going to compare them all to Altskeith so let’s just go for it. Yaaaas! We had the whole house booked for the Friday and Saturday, which gave us plenty of time to set decorations up for the wedding and also meant the bridesmaids and everyone were in the house for getting ready in the morning which made things so simple!

The house is situated right on Loch Ard up in the middle of the Trossachs, just past Aberfoyle. There are 10 beautifully decorated bedrooms meaning we could have 22 people staying the night before and the night of the wedding which was really handy and meant that all of our immediate family and my maid of honour could stay with us after the wedding without needing to rush off at the end of the night to a nearby hotel. As well as the function suite where we would have the wedding meal and dancing at night, there was a large sitting room with a log fire and tons of super comfy sofas for guests to chill out and chat in, a dining room with a long table where the tea/coffee/wedding cake and evening buffet was served, a large conservatory where a lot of our pals chilled out most of the night, and also a patio beside a little burn and waterfall where were able to have our ceremony. Oh and it had a little pebble beach and Frazer’s favourite thing - the boat house, where you can get in the wee boat and go for a leisurely row about the Loch after the ceremony!

Alison and Yas, the owners, were amazing too. You could really feel all the hard work and love they’ve put into the place. Alison in particular was so involved in organising everything and making sure it all went to plan, that I really think she helped keep me calm with her superb organisation skills - I didn’t need to worry about a thing! If anyone’s considering a wedding in the Trossachs I really can’t recommend Altskeith enough and we’re so glad we chose it for our wedding location. 


Oooh a report - yipppee! 


The Day Before the Wedding

Unsurprisingly I was up at the crack of dawn the day before the wedding, squealing with excitement like it was Christmas or something. Frazer was not amused at being woken up so early... 

I busied myself sorting every tables’ centrepieces, place settings, a diagram of where each person would be sitting (so the place names and things were at the right setting) and a photo of how I wanted it to look (nothing like being prepared!) into a separate box for each table. That took way longer than I thought it would! Around 12ish Frazer started loading the car with as much as he could fit in it, the plan being whatever was left would need to fit into my Chief Bridesmaid Lauren’s car since she was going to be my lift up to the venue. Once he was packed up Frazer set off for Aberfoyle to go do Go Ape with some of his pals who were staying in the town the night before too. After Go Ape he was going to come to Altskeith to drop off the stuff and see his family for a bit before leaving to spend the night in our house with Jessicat and at the pub with his friends.

My sister Alix was getting a lift with me and Lauren so she came over to my house first and though my dad had stopped by earlier on his way out and dropped off some presents from the family, I was under strict instructions from Alix that I wasn’t allowed to open her present till she got there. Turned out it was a lovely photo box with pictures of us on the hen do and when we were kids and also a beautiful pair of wee loveheart pandora stud earrings. Such a lovely present from her! 

Anyway, Lauren soon turned up and we loaded the couple of bags I had left into her car and set off! Yay! My mum had booked us a table at the Beech Tree restaurant which was on the way to Aberfoyle and we had a delicious lunch with my parents, Grandma and siblings and my bridesmaids met us there too. It was such a great, chilled out start to our wedding weekend and I loved just sitting there listening to everyone chatting. There was a wee petting zoo bit too and we fed goats! This was surprisingly exciting when you’re trying not to think about the fact you’ll be getting married in the morning!!


yay looking forward to reading more

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Goats are always a good distraction!



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September 2018 Bride 


Ooo exciting!  Can't wait to see/ hear more about your day!


Wedding-Eve continued...

After the lovely relaxing meal with my family and bridesmaids, we jumped back in the cars to head up to the venue - a road I’d driven many times in the run up to the wedding. Well, of course there was a road closure along the way that day and me and my bridesmaids got lost for a wee 20 mins!! We phoned my dad (who, might I add, had given us the wrong directions in the first place causing said getting lost) who redirected us and we were back on our way.

it was really starting to spit down by then and there were ominous misty clouds all over the place when we started our drive round the Loch to Altskeith, but I was just so excited I didn’t care about the weather! Here’s some pics to let you see how drab and rainy it was:

And the view from the Bridal Suite once we’d arrived 

It wasn’t boding well for the dry day I’d been hoping for!!

Perhaps more worrying though was that when we arrived at Altskeith, Frazer was nowhere to be seen and neither was his car with the majority of our wedding decor and pretty much everything we needed to get things organised... he also wasn’t answering his phone uuuurgh. he did show up eventually, but we killed time by showing everyone around the house to their rooms and getting my dress in out of my dad’s car and hung up on the curtain rail 

All this while I was also coughing, spluttering, blowing my nose and gulping down honey and lemon about the house like the perfect bride to be should be the day before her wedding.... if you read my planning thread you may have seen that in the week before the wedding I came down with a pretty terrible cold that I just couldn’t shake. As the night went on my voice became hoarser and hoarser to the point where I just couldn’t speak anymore without it coming out as a croak. I was genuinely worried that I wouldn’t be able to say my vows the next day. See what excessive worrying can do to you? Wears down your immune system and then you get stupid colds that make you miserable when you should be having a ball!