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Yikes its nearly here - our 'do' on 3 November 2017


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Hi Sarah - one month to go now!! scary / exciting times :)

How was your hen weekend?

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I had the most amazing hen weekend – the girls and boys did good! It was the perfect mix of touristy stuff (hello hop on hop off bus….with regular pit stops for a drink and shot!), chilling and catching up with friends who I’ve not seen in a while, lots & lots of laughs, and a good bit of dancing to boot. Beautiful sunshine all weekend, we were in a brilliantly located apartment which fitted the 11 of us comfortably  - I couldn’t have asked for more! Here’s a little pic of us on the Sat night. 

I am lucky and have a second hen coming up this Saturday which involves my 2 bridesmaids, my mum, my sister in law, and 2 future sister in laws. I dont know much other than the time I'm meeting 1 bridesmaid in London - I suspect its afternoon tea somewhere (guessing from the time), and then presumably on for cocktails as they asked me if I could stay out all night to play. Yay! Can't wait 


Massively on the ticking clock now, but actually at the moment I feel ok (likely to change at any moment lol). In the last week we've:

- had final meeting with photographer and confirmed bits & pieces which has meant I could confirm times with other people 

- had final meeting with florist 

- sorted out suits for 2 page boys, and nearly sorted outfit for flower girl - just shoes to go 

- pretty much sorted gifts. think I'd like to get one more bit for my dad but other than that they just need to be wrapped 

- made a massive effort on the DIY bits and cracked the majority of it. Still o/s is sticking together the jigsaw guest 'book', writing out name place cards and spray painting some jars 

- got the final table plan and table names from the designer. absolutely over the moon with it and can't wait to see it for real 


Still to do:

- final discussion with caterer. my contact has been on holiday, back today so I'm about to nag him to book in a phone call! 

- buy underwear and decide what I'm wearing morning of. I like all the bridal 'getting ready' gowns but I feel I'm getting a bit caught up in it all and should probably just decide on something normal! 

- agree logistics with my crew for the evening before - who's coming over and needs to stay and what time.....I'm planning on joining my family in the local hotel they've booked for dinner 

- confirm times and running order with hair & make up lady

- pay florist, videographer, photographer (once we receive invoice), MUA and caterer (once we receive invoice). Ouch this month is going to hurt finance wise!

- draw out table plan for caterer 

- finalise the iPod play list for music during wedding breakfast 

that's all that's on my list for now.........


Hen sounds fab! Your to do list is pretty similar to mine so that's a good sign :) 

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Ah phew. You worry that you've missed things dont you..... so thats the reassuring things about this forum!!


I don't really seem to have been concentrating that much at work for the last week or so (oops) as there always seems to be emails I need to send to suppliers or things I need to order (amazon have done very well out of me this year!) but feeling on track and on top of stuff. 

Have agreed times etc for hair and make up, and told my mum and sister in law what time they need to get to me so that's them sorted. 

Had a call with the caterer this week and finalised some bits. We're just debating what cocktails to have on offer (nice problem to have lol) and little things - at the last minute C has decided she'd like to offer a popcorn station along with canapes (random) so the caterer is trying to see what he can come up with. I think she's worried about people being hungry....we haven't done the sweetie cart thing which the last few weddings we've been to have had, so I think she's thinking we need to offer alternatives along with the canapes. Now we've finalised the menu, it means we can order menu cards for the tables. Yay. 

Confirmed the table plan

Got the final gift for my dad. That's all gifts done - just need to wrap them 

I've got a second hen tomorrow - its a family day one, so me plus 6 girls (2 bridesmaids, mum, my sister in law, and 2 sister in laws to be). The girls have kept it as a surprise, I just know I'm meeting one of them in London in the afternoon. Pretty sure its afternoon tea & cocktails and I'm really excited about it! 

So sunday will be a mixture of recovering (lol) and cracking on with the next bits of DIY - sticking the jigsaw puzzle pieces, spray painting jars, writing name place cards, as well as paying various invoices and working out logistics of the night before and morning of.....


enjoy all these bits as much as they can be stressful they are all part of the memories too x

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I cannot believe I can now say I am getting married NEXT WEEK. That is crazy. I have 7 days left at work (not that I’m on countdown lol). I am actually feeling ok and relatively calm now, I just want it here lol so I can stop thinking about it.

Had another really productive weekend, and my mum was over too which was lovely as she could get involved and helped us with various bits – including sticking together the jigsaw puzzle guest “book” which was a lot more involved and fiddly than I anticipated! It looks good though – I just really hope people use it 

I have sorted gowns for my and 2 bridesmaids to wear morning of – found some lovely ones from ebay which arrived super quick, and just need a good iron. So they’re hanging along with everyone else’s outfits in our spare room – well barring mine as I have my final fitting this week and then am going to collect it the day before. Had a bit of drama this weekend with C’s outfit but she is in the process of sorting that. I have decided on my something old and borrowed which was causing a bit of headache – I really wanted to incorporate my mum’s gran’s engagement ring as its 100 years old….but its too big for my fingers, and I’m not wearing a necklace that I could add it on to. Have decided I’ll borrow a garter and then stitch the ring on to it  (and stitch it on tightly!!)

We received the table plan which I am so happy with. It looks fab and I can’t wait to see it up and “in action”.

Outstanding stuff:

- Spray paint some jars to hold the sparklers and photo props. It was too windy this weekend to be outside with the gold paint lol.

- Wrap everyone’s gifts and write out cards for them

- Both need to buy underwear

- Do a final iron/steam of outfits

- Re-box and label items that are in our spare room so it’s really clear for C and her usherettes as to what goes where

- Final payment to photographer and cake lady. The remaining payments will be cash on the day for a couple of suppliers

- Pack for the night of and our honeymoon! We go 2 days later so I’d rather have the bulk of it done beforehand. The day in between I plan to relax at home and eat cake!!

Hoping I haven't forgotten anything!!!


Also, should have said – I had a family day hen last weekend which was fantastic. The girls had organised afternoon tea in Brigit’s Bakery and then cocktails at the Adventure Bar in Covent Garden. Everyone went to so much effort in decorations, gifts, games…..was fab. And good for the ladies in both families to meet beforehand. Everyone had such a good day and night 


OMG just reading your update gave me a small heart attack! I hadn't put it together that i get married next week!!! WTF?! freaking out now lol

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wed172B wrote (see post):

OMG just reading your update gave me a small heart attack! I hadn't put it together that i get married next week!!! WTF?! freaking out now lol

Deep breaths, lol! how are you getting on? x



Just came on to wish you all the best tomorrow!! Sorry I don’t reply, just seen your last messag, I am knackered having only sat down on the last half hour, have been sorting and doing all day but excited for the wedding to start!!


happy wedding day!!!!!!

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Ahhh your day is finally here! Congratulations Sarah, have the best day ever xxxx


Happy wedding day have a fabulous time

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have a great day 


YAyyyyyy have an amazing wedding day xxxx


hope you are having the most amazing day x

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Well we did it! Such an amazing day, it really was. Obviously we have to wait a while for all the official pics but luckily Facebook & Insta has been flooded with some :-)

 We're off on honeymoon this afternoon (yay!) which we cannot wait for. That'll give me a chance to gather some thoughts for a wedding report too

X x