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Town Centre Barn Wedding - August 2019


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Went to TK Maxx tonight to get some new Birkenstocks, and they had loads of wedding shoes in by Pink Paradox, Benjamin Adams and Freya Rose, all priced at £16.99

Even though I have the gold New Look pair, I'm concerned they may not be quite wide enough and will dig in the side of my feet. Tried these on and they are really padded and comfy so for £16.99 I bought them and will decide which to wear nearer the time. It's so rare for high heels to fit me, and to be reasonably comfy, so I'm pleased.

I had also been thinking I might regret not having 'proper' wedding shoes as you only get the chance to wear them once! The gold shoes may become my hen do shoes 😀

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Time is flying, it was 2 1/2 years until the wedding when we booked it and now it's 15 months. I think having kids and a full time job helps as I'm so busy all the time!

Anyway, proper planning has begun - I have an appointment at the bridal shop at the end of the month to show my MIL and bridesmaids my dress, and also to get their price estimate for alterations and to have a look at which veil styles go with it and finalise my choice.

Then in June we have our first planning meeting with the venue to start finalising menus, timings and arrangements.

These two things have made me very excited as it all feels a bit more real now :)

We have also done a shortlist of photographers and once we return from our holiday to Italy, will be arranging meetings with them :)

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