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Our Castle Barn Wedding July 19


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Cooling Castle is lovely, and very close to us.  Did you know Jools Holland lives there?

I love your signs - how did you do the foiling? 

(its "Hooray" btw not horray.... sorry x)

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Hi Ali S thanks for noticing the spelling mistake! Clearly we didn’t notice it at all and the signs are all packed away so we wouldn’t have noticed either. We got a hot foiling machine totally time consuming but I love the effect the foil gives.

Someone else mentioned Jools Holland too he lives right Next door to the venue, think the venue is on his land so not sure if he owns he whole lot p!

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DandelionBlue wrote (see post):

Oh that foiling machine of yours is coming in handy!

Your signs look great. Even with the spelling mistake ;)

And how cute were those little bottles? I especially liked the fact You included pictures of you with the girls.


Ah thanks DandelionBlue the foiling machine certainly seems a good investment atm! I really wanted to include some personal touches to the bridesmaid proposals too i think the photos acheived that.

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Wedding rings

So being that this weekend has been wet windy and bloody freezing what’s better to do in this weather than go shopping in the warm. We have lakeside and bluewater shopping centres literally on our doorstep so we went to lakeside for a Mill around.

Our primary objective was actually to buy some stair gates (our little girl is slowly but surely now on the move!) oh the exciting lives we lead as parents! Whilst there we thought we’d go to a few jewellers to see if we could get an idea of the style of rings we like and prices etc. We both saw rings we liked in Goldsmith’s so took the details of the rings to have a think about them. We left lakeside with no actual stair gates and instead thoughts of rings 😂

Upon looking online we saw they actually have a promotion on this week with 20% off wedding rings so we hotfooted it to bluewater today found our rings and ordered them with a nice little discount too! Still 18 months to go until the actual wedding but that’s another thing ticked off our list planning wise.

Here’s mine

Not the actual way round they will be worn but you get the gist. Mines a plain platinum band (my work prohibits me from getting a sparkly one which is very upsetting!) To be honest I did try some ones with a bit of sparkle but i like the fact my engagement ring is still the star here and I want to wear my wedding ring at work too


Hubby to be has gone for a palladium one which really suits him. He said it felt weird wearing it though he’s never worn rings


We we should get them in 6 weeks time! 






Not sure how I missed this thread, but how organised are you?! I don't think I've got half the stuff sorted that you have, and I get married a month before!

Your table decs/signs look lovely, I'm a big fan of them!


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Ahh thanks Mrs Banff I’ve been following your thread too your dress is beautiful!!! I’d say finding the dress is a pretty big and important part of the planning you‘ve done so far you’re further ahead in some respects than me! I’ve also been on maternity leave so have had some time to research. I’m back to work soon so will have much less time to plan but I’m sure I’ll fit it in lol! I don’t know where to start dress wise and want to start looking in the summer for mine! Your menu looks lush too yummy! 

MrsA-Nto be thanks I’m pretty pleased with the save the dates its a total minefield the stationary stuff isn’t it? I’ve been to a wedding at cooling some years back it is lovely and so us when we looked around we literally can’t wait! When do you get married? 


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Oh absolutely! H2B and I have been going round and round with ideas this evening... if I had unlimited money, it would not be a problem! Agreed, it's such a unique venue too and has a really lovely atmosphere in the barn, especially when your having the meal! Ours is October 2019, so we've got a way to go... we've got the venue and photographer booked but thats about it so far. 


I definitely think that every workplace should offer some kind of "wedding planning leave"  I'd find that dead useful.

I was like you, I didn't have any idea of what I definitely wanted because I'd seen so many pictures of beautiful dresses and I certainly had no intention of buying a dress from the first place I went to because I wanted the experience of going to loads of different shops and playing dress-up! But now I have my perfect dress, and I was extremely lucky to get it too! Just enjoy trying on all the pretty dresses 

Thank you, I can't tell you how excited I am about our food, I hardly stop thinking about it!



MrsBAMF wrote (see post):

I definitely think that every workplace should offer some kind of "wedding planning leave"  I'd find that dead useful.



I get an extra week of annual leave for getting married!


You're so organised Kim! We get married in September and need to get a shift on with rings and decor


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Mrs Banff wedding planning leave is such an amazing idea! You were so lucky with your dress too it is so pretty though a proper princess dress!

Sian wow your so lucky that’s so nice of your work to do that What an amazing perk! Septembers still plenty of time we weren’t planning to buys rings til much later but we saw the rings we liked and who can resist a discount!

I’m a great believer of buying things when I see them the frames we for our signs were discountinued after we bought them so we were lucky there!

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So it would seem I have fallen down a big black hole the last few months and disappeared! Well no I’m still here just life has got in the way of the planning for a little bit plus we still have so long to go that there’s been a bit of a lull on the wedding planning front! Plus I went back to work in March and my days off are now filled with a very active one year old to contend with! 

Thats not to say some wedding planning has happened! So we ordered the rings and they came in in february and are now safely stored away! 


Hubby to be also asked his best man with one other than their favourite alcohol! 

He personalised the label on the bottle of Makers Mark he was chuffed with his effort! 


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Bits and bobs

So we’ve been buying a few bits along the way so have a couple of Diy bits out of the way. So for the bridesmaids and MOB, MOG I’ve done some personalised hangers for our dresses thought they will look good in photos and be a nice keepsake for everyone so found some white wooden hangers and ordered some decals. 


Other bits for decor include some bride and groom wooden words which would look good at the top table and a guest book we saw in the Sainsbury’s wedding range




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So I have already brushed on this somewhat in previous posts so all of our save the dates are now printed and foiled and sent out last month. In addition I added some magnetic tape on the back of them so that they could stick on the fridge too. We have one proudly displayed on our fridge not that we could ever forget our date! They were well recieved we had lots of comments about them so I’m pleased!


We we also had a little play with the belly band on our invites as we were originally were going to use ribbon but being totally addicted to Pinterest I’d seen a few bits with vellum so thought we’d experiment with that! This is a rough mock up of one the belly bands with foiling to match. The foiling isnt perfect on this one but you get the idea it will be a while yet until we have to send invites let’s hope I don’t change my mind again lol!



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Bridesmaids Dresses

So during the planning process so far I’ve had many people say that finding bridesmaids dresses that all their girls liked has been the hardest bit of their planning!  So with that I was a bit apprehensive about their dress search being straightforward. Being that I have 4 bridesmaids with busy lives living in diffrernt areas I thought I’d get the ball rolling on dates meeting up,as we often need about 2 months notice to get us all together! When we had a date I booked a store at Westfield’s for a bridesmaid appt (or thought I’d had!) 

I’ve been to a couple of wedding where the dresses had come from David’s bridal which is an American chain and I know they have so many styles to choose from so I thought we’d start there to get an idea of what me and the girls liked. Now I like to think I’m a little laid back in some respects and the only things that were important to me in the dress picking process was the colour grey to go with our scheme and that they were full length. I said to the girls that if they liked different styles that would be ok as long as they were the same colour as long as they were comfortable in what they were wearing. 

It occurred to me the day before the appt I hadn’t heard from the bridal shop so I call them to confirm the appt and we weren’t booked in! I’d not actually pressed the confirm button when booking so we had no appointment! Being aSaturday they were of course fully booked! Train tickets has been booked so we were told to pop in and look but they would not have an appointment. We still went along as we were having a bit of a girly shopping day anyway and despite them telling us they had no space one of my bridesmaids wotked her magic and got us in when she randomly started talking to the manager! So with that we picked a fair few dresses and the girls all crammed into one of their quite warm dressing rooms!

After an hour of various dresses we had narrowed it down to a one shoulder lace topped style with a long draping skirt they all looked lovely everyone was happy so with that I had to order them! Who thought it would be so easy! Come in in about 10 weeks. They will need altering in length but I know a steamstress just keeping my fingers crossed nothing else will need to be altered as we are still a year away! 

Heres a pic


i will also say as the shops American we had to order in American sizes so it made the girls fell good as their sizing goes 2 sizes smaller! Oh and they had a deal on their dresses too saved £20 a dress making it much more affordable for our budget (paying for dresses ourselves) 

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Ah thakyou Dandelion blue we shall see if buying the dresses so early was a good thing or not as one if the girls has recently gone on a health kick which is great for her just pray doesn’t need too much done to her dress! 

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Menu tasting

So I have totally been so slow on updating my thread life has just been so busy.

In April we also had a tasting evening at our venue it was a lovely evening.

It was for couples upcoming weddings. There were local suppliers set up in one of the barns and a registrar also did a talk to explain the ceremony choices which have which helped a lot.

The main barn was set out just like a wedding would be all the tables we set out differently by all the suppliers.Funnily enough our table had our exact centrepiece on


Funnily enough our florist was there so we had a nice chat with him He remembered our names straight off I was stunned as we hadn’t seen him since October when we booked him i then remembered he took a photo of us both so he had obviously done his research into who would be there. They are such a busy florist they do most of the weddings at our venue that I was actually flattered he went out of his way to make their service really personal.

we were sat with other couples getting married similar times and we soon realised how organised we seem to have been In the wedding planning proves. The food was lovely we had a selection of 3 mini starters and the same for dessert. The mains were sea bass and lamb and gave us a good idea of the type of food to expect. The menu is huge and seasonal so for this reason we get to choose our menu 7 months before when the menu gets released. 

it was a lovely evening talking all things wedding and a nice evening out or date night as we called it (a child free night!)