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New bride

Just binge read your entire thread! I'm also a medical student so it's nice to see someone else is planning along side uni! Everything looks fab so far, love the dress and rings! Looking forward to reading more 

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chacha19 wrote (see post):

Just binge read your entire thread! I'm also a medical student so it's nice to see someone else is planning along side uni! Everything looks fab so far, love the dress and rings! Looking forward to reading more 

Thank you! So far I’ve not found it too difficult to plan along side uni. I’m trying to do the bigger stuff around the holidays but my biggest problem is the distraction of Pinterest and the like when we have a particularly boring lecture πŸ˜‚

Its so cool to meet someone doing the same. More recently some of my friends have started getting engaged but until then I was Among very few 

New bride

That’s what we’ve done! Had to take a total break over exams but back with a vengeance now it’s the summer and will hopefully be done by the time I go back  Pinterest has also been a big distraction for me when im struggling to care about lectures! πŸ˜‚

Definitely! I’m the only one planning on my course at the moment but I’m sure it won’t be long ☺️ 

How is everything going at the moment? 

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I have to say you're very organised getting things done for next October! 

It's getting there slowly. Probably the one big thing we should have sorted just now is a piper. I'm hoping to get that sorted this week though as I'm vaguely hopeful that there aren't too many weddings happening in the middle of November *fingers crossed*! 

Then it's just bits and pieces like the stationary which my friend is helping us design, the pick 'n' mix and the guest book and things. I think...

I kinda feel like I'm just thinking of things as I go along and seeing how it plays out. I think we are close to choosing two friends for a reading. One from FHs friends and then one of my friends. The problem is which of my friends. One of them particularly springs to mind but I don't want to offend any of the rest of them. I just know her job was public speaking and she loved reading like I did when we were kids so she makes sense. I don't know...going to figure it out somehow 

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Getting organised...

So since I've been bored, I have busy'ed myself with wedding things. 

First off, I have finally purchased the shoes. The legendary converse are ordered and will arrive in about 6 weeks  In the meantime, here is what they should hopefully look like when they do arrive. They will have the date in the heel stripe. 

I'm going to purchase some satin laces to spruce them up for a fancy day. Then for everyday wear afterwards I can put the regular laces back on and I can wear my wedding shoes whenever I want. 

After the wedding I'm thinking about either donating my dress to be made into clothes for still born or babies that have passed away, or if the companies don't have room for that, getting the dress dyed purple and wearing it for my medic Half-way ball. We shall see but either way the dress will not be sitting in a box, that's for certain. 

I am having to re-look into hairdressing as I called the hairdresser this morning to look at a trial and she told me she was retiring. Woohoo!

We are also looking into a piper and we probably should have done this sooner but hey ho! Called this guy, Spud the Piper. What a refreshing person on the other end of the phone! He was so bright and cheery and I just can't explain how nice that was. He was very chatty and while he doesn't have our date, he hopefully has someone that does and will email us back later. He was asking all about the wedding and has thoroughly recommended our celebrant and said that he thinks she is very special. It was so nice to hear someone speak so kindly about her and with such enthusiasm! 

And finally, I need to look into the flowers again, get a price and figure out what we actually need! Not being a flowerly person, this is quite difficult to judge so I am asking for help from mum and dad. 



Wooo haven't seen your post around.


I'm also getting married in November on the 3rd 

It is coming around so quickly isn't it xx

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Its coming round sooooo quickly! I’m terrified and excited all at once. 

literally just got an email there saying our wedding rings are ready to get tried on before we engrave them πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ 

everhthing is happening so quickly πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚

i have so much still to organise and I’m back to uni in less than a month πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸ»‍♀️


How exciting your wedding rings are in! makes it all seem very real I bet!

Have you got a list of what is left to sort? might help you feel in control?


Wedding addict

MrsS85 wrote (see post):

How exciting your wedding rings are in! makes it all seem very real I bet!

Have you got a list of what is left to sort? might help you feel in control?


Hahahahaha - have I got a list? I’m a woman of lists! My whole life revolves around lists! 

For real though it’s just the time passing quickly that’s making it feel so weird and real. And I never really know how much time is mine when I’m at med school, there is always that feeling of I should be studying πŸ™ˆ but things are coming together now and I reckon the stuff that hasn’t been thought of yet is probably not that important πŸ˜‚

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Ok so time has officially flown...what is happening?? I'm back to uni next week, I have officially picked up 0 pine cones and have ordered zero things I need.

I have a funny feeling my shawl may be ordered the week before the wedding at this rate 

But we are getting there. This Saturday we went to pick up our rings and get them sent off for engraving. The shop experience was...interesting to say the least. We were instantly greeted by an over-enthusiastic shop assistant whom we shall call M. M was very excited about our wedding. M was more excited about the wedding than I am. Granted I'm not overly enthusiastic about these things ever, but M was sickeningly so. 

M gushed over the rings, just about cried when we tried them on to check the sizing, polished them carefully and triple, quadruple, quintuple checked the engravings. Sadly the computer system was running rather slow, so she had lots of time to enquire about everything about the wedding...enthusiastically claiming how beautiful it was but totally missing our sarcasm, as I reminded FH how there wasn't long left for him to run, exclaiming that we clearly could never be pulled apart. She also kept kindly reminding me how it wasn't long before I would no longer be miss C, but Mrs G...

This is a total and extreme annoyance to me. I cannot stand assumptions around weddings particularly the age-old name changing debate that I am constantly having with myself. Don't assume that I am going to be anything, don't assume that it is me that has to change my name. No body has to change their name. Maybe it's just me, but I'm really not sure about it all, and can quite easily see people writing cheques to Mrs G (particularly older family) and me having to try and explain to the bank why that is actually me or just having to tell people awkwardly. 

I had another discussion with FH last night about it. My reasons for being unsure, not wanting to lose my family name, how much the name means to me and all this, as well as the feminist reasons. I feel like your name is part of your identity, it's how people find you and talk about you (for good or bad) and ultimately a name comes with an associated person. To give that up is a lot. He just doesn't seem to get it. He appears to think because he only wants me to change my name, not expects it, that makes it ok. But I neither expect nor want him to change his name so why is it right? It's a constant debacle in my mind. I want us to be a unit, especially with future children, but I want my name and double barreling isn't really an option as it would be so long. Urgh! I wish I could make up my mind. One thing is for certain, I will at the very least keep my name professionally, I have earned degrees with that name and I will not be sacrificing that for nobody! That is my hard earned work! 

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Slowly but surely

So I have also heard horror stories about RSVPs coming in late and with our RSVP date next week, I was dreading the same. Over half the guest list hadn't responded. Now don't get me wrong, I get our wedding is not everyones top priority, far from it, but I was hoping for a little better than that, especially since we had to try and get invites to FHs work colleagues if there was space. Preferably without having to order extra invites. No pressure. 

Part of the reason we chose the RSVP date that we did was because I go back to uni next week and I wanted to be as organised as possible getting back into it. So with so many still to respond, I put out a plea to both sets of parents and messaged/texted/called all that I could to get a response. So far so good! We now only have a few left to RSVP and FHs colleagues are getting an invite with 2 weeks to RSVP. Needless to say, my aunt, still hasn't RSVP'd 

TABLES/TABLE PLANNING We have managed to get the stationary for the tables sorted and so only names need to be added in. Next stop table planning. Anyone got any thoughts on how they personally do it? We have tables of roughly 8 to be getting on with and I'm just wondering if there is any particular etiquette or good ways of mixing and matching? Any thoughts, welcomed! 

OH and my SHOES HAVE ARRIVED!!! They are even better in real life than in the picture and the date is really well sewn into them. I'm so excited to wear them on the day! 

I have also organised a hair and make up trial, although I'm kinda questioning the necessity of the make up trial...any thoughts? 


Wedding addict

What's in a name?

So some people don't even have to think about the name change debate, and others really struggle with it. Holding myself in the latter category it's been a real brain buster figuring out what I want to do so I have been browsing the internet and someone has come up with a rather unique solution which I'm curious what others think about.

The person was keen to keep their maiden name but give a 'nod' to their husbands family. Her solution was that she would be  first name, his last name (middle), maiden name  and that he would be first name, her maiden name (middle), last name (his). I thought that was quite a nice solution and then you could double barrel the childrens names. I wouldn't object to anyone calling me Mrs FH, but personally I'm keen to keep my name.  I'm going to pose it to FH tonight. Just curious what other's thoughts were. 

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Sh*ts getting real

We are getting ready to submit the paperwork for registering our intent to marry  We go back up to Aviemore this weekend, exactly one year since we got engaged and submit the paper work then. 

We have also just picked up our wedding rings. 

My dress is getting altered next Tuesday.

His kilt is ready to pick up. 

I have ordered the place cards

We have drawn up a table plan.'s getting real...Not sure whether to scream internally or what...


On a side note: table plans are DIFFICULT. we have decided to mostly mix sides but we aren't paying much attention to who is family and who are friends and just mixing based on those whose interests we think will be best matched.

We have roughly kept age groups similar but have a few tables where there might be a few decades between the youngest and oldest but there are guests who 'bridge the gap'. 

Finally we have my father kicking up the drama about the top table. Neither the BMs or MOHs partners really know anyone at the wedding and so we happily stuck their partners at the top table. My dad is not happy about this but we are sticking our guns just now. It is absolutely absurd to me that on a day where love is celebrated, you would separate couples and make them sit at tables with people they don't know. Everyone else is sat with their partners and where possible at least one other person they know. Why on earth would we not do that for our best friends? 

I have come to the conclusion that the majority of wedding traditions are beyond absurd! 

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6 weeks...EEEKKKKKK!!!

Wow, time actually flies. My living room is already looking questionable with the trial it out stuff for the centre pieces and I have just ordered A LOT more. Not to mention all the sweeties for the pick 'n' mix. We may have gone slightly over board with the sweeties, but hopefully the sweet tooths will help us out there. Failing that, i'm hoping I can donate them to the childrens hospital up the road for christmas and failing that, I'm sure I will have a lot of good friends at uni who can help us out. 

My dress is finally almost ready, the biggest alterations have been done. MOH's dress is getting altered as we speak.
Now all I have to do is think of all the little things I might have missed. Which obviously I don't know what they are because I have missed them :P 

Wow, my goodness everything just crept up on me. Where has time gone?! 

I'm a little excited now, but still quite nervous and I'm not really sure how it's all going to pan out, but will have to wait and see how things go. I'm sure it will all be fine regardless. 

As a matter of interest, there is an ever growing list of people who need to be thanked for their help by way of a small gift. What did you get people as a gift?


Wow so close!

We have bought necklaces for mums, bridesmaids and flower girls. Mums have also got a nice photo frame each to put our wedding pic in!

Have no clue about the men, going to leave that to my OH.

My planning thread:

Wedding addict

I love the photo frame idea! I might even steal it πŸ˜‰ it’s so hard to know what to get people at Christmas and birthdays never mind a wedding πŸ˜‚

We are having an instax mini camera on the day for guests to take their photos with and sign our guest book! I am so in love with the idea. I love having photos about the place. 

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