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Hen Party - Passport to enter Dublin?


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New bride

Hi guys,

Has anyone been to Dublin/Ireland without a passport?

From what the gov website say, a passport isn't required but ID is and a passport is advisable. 




That is true but check with which airline you fly with as some will only let you travel with a valid passport. My Dad got caught out by this last year as his partner didn’t have a passport - she’d have been fine entering but Ryanair wouldn’t let her travel with just an ID. 


Yep what Ashley said. It's not necessary but some airlines won't allow it, we flew with ryanair so had to use it

New bride

Thank you ladies ❤

Wedding addict

I went to Dublin for my hen do with Ryanair and I defo needed to use my passport so maybe it is only required for some airlines.. best to double check


My brother ended a night out in Cardiff last year on a flight to Dublin... they decided it would be a great idea to get a Taxi ti The airport and book the first flight (luckily it was Dublin really) 

he had no passport and managed to get there without a problem, they stayed for a few days (in the same clothes ) and then booked a flight back with ryanair- he had a lot of hassle and was questioned a lot, they did let him fly in the end though! 

New bride

I fly in and out of Ireland a lot and it's defo airline dependent so check with them as Ryanair as others have said defo dont let you fly 


Must depend on the airline. My manager is Portuguese and flies all over Europe using just her ID card. She doesn't have a passport.

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