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Blush pink, dog friendly, vegan garden wedding in the Lake District


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Wedding addict

Happy wedding day!!


Well girls, it was amazing!

The Day Before 

We went into Grasmere, which happens to be our favourite place, and some close family members came with us.

We had lunch at a favourite restaurant outdoors and then moved on to Allan Bank National Trust House Where we relaxed, sunbathed, looked around the house and played some games.


The Evening Before

The evening before was very relaxed. Our close family and friends were there and we sat in the sun on the terrace having gin and food. Everyone was in high spirits and there was lots of wedding talk.

i felt surprisingly calm, cool and collected!!

at around 10.30pm I kissed my fiancé good night and off I went up to bed. It was 11.30 before I actually climbed into bed because I was in awe of the beautiful view of the lake

Surprisingly , once I got into bed it wasn’t long before I fell asleep......


Hope you had a fab day, look forward to reading more about it.



The morning 

It was unbelievable How fast this went!! 

I woke up at 7.30 am, opened my curtains and put my candle on. everything seemed so peaceful. I had at least 6 hours sleep which I thought was amazing as i was convinced I wouldn’t get any sleep!

i then hopped into the shower and took my time shaving, moisturising etc. Once I’d dried my hair, it was time to change into my morning attire

breakfast came at 8.40 and I had veggie sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast. i was so hungry I ate all of it! previously I imagined that I wouldn’t have an wrong was I?!

then the hairdresser arrived at 8.50am. My 2 bridesmaids were supposed to be going first, but they hadn’t yet arrived as they were still waiting for their breakfast downstairs! However, they soon arrived for 9am. Phew!

i cracked open the champagne while they got their hair done. And we also had rose flavoured wine.

soon it was my turn to have my hair then makeup done. The photographer arrived midway through this and snapped away.

it was hilarious because my maid of honour kept cracking jokes, and we were crying laughing 😂 


The morning continued....

it was time to give my maids their gifts, and they loved them. I gave them each an Ivory gift box personalised with their name in rose gold. Inside was a bracelet, a key ring with a photo of the three of us from the hen do, a mini bottle of wine, a champagne flute, a robe, a pair of slippers, a yankee candle and holder and a survival kit.

Then we gave a toast!

Later on the girls changed into their dresses which were stunning.

Then it was my turn to get into my dress. And once I was in there was a knock at the dad had arrived with the flower girls and my dog who walked down the aisle. Then there was another knock at the door....the registrar!! I had to step outside into the corridor while they asked some questions. While they were talking I was so time conscious.

It got to the last half an hour, and there was still loads of stuff to do!

the flower girls and bridesmaids needed flowers in their hair, I had to have my tattoo covered up, my veil needed fitting....argh!

anyway, we managed it! Albeit a bit rushed.... I bloody forgot to put my garter on and my sixpence in my shoe!!

i managed to get a couple of snaps once I was all done.


The ceremony 

this felt like it lasted for 5 minutes....honestly it’s the fastest part of the day. If I could rewind it I’d make sure I walk down the aisle much more slowly.

my two flower girls went down first, one with a basket of petals and the other with one of my dogs.


apparently I was about 5 minutes late to the ceremony, but they were all laughing saying how typical it was of me ha ha!

when I got down the end of the aisle carlo was crying but joked it was his hay fever ha ha, but I couldn’t help but laugh 🤭 

Our two dogs were there and were impeccably behaved apart from once when ruby barked (luckily not during the bit where they ask if anyone opposes!!) 

Weirdly I didn’t feel nervous one bit.

This is when Carlo said my part of the vows by accident and I said ‘hey, that’s my bit!’ Ha ha 



Signing the register


Walking back down down the aisle 

Confetti shot



You look stunning! Your veil is dreamy and I just love that confetti shot! Glad to read you had a perfect (albeit went too fast) day.


Beautiful photos, looks like an amazing wedding.

My planning thread:

Wedding addict

Your photos are amazing! Hope you had a fantastic day.

New bride

Hope you had a wonderful day!!! You looked stunning! ♡


Im having a vegan wedding too nice to see another bride having one xxx

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