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The Night Before...

I had a lovely evening the other night with 3 of my bridesmaids and mum... I made dinner and showed the girls all the little bits and bobs I've been buying/ making. It was really nice for them to see my vision and to bring them all up to speed!

One of the main discussions was the night before the wedding... I originally booked a room in the village hotel (along with all of our family members) but for some reason I didn't feel too happy about staying/getting ready there. For a start it is about 30mins away from the venue and with the whole family staying and getting ready there too I just felt it would be so fussy/busy in the morning.

So my bridesmaids, myself and my mum are taking ourselves out of the equation and we've booked an AirBnB just outside Oxwich. It's called Hennyswell Farm Cottage and looks perfect to get ready in!  The living room looks spacious but warm and cosy and the kitchen is big enough for everyone to potter around without treading on each others toes! The girls are also staying there the night of the wedding instead of the hotel so that we can leave all of our stuff there and not have to worry about packing up after putting our dresses on! (It also works out A LOT cheaper for them)

I'm really looking forward to hanging my dress up and having a quiet girly night. We've decided to go to costco the morning before to pick up pizzas for the evening and crossiants, juice, tea (champagne!!!) for the morning


For the selfies

Another big topic on the agenda during the meeting with my BMs was the Hen Party! I love how seriously these girls are taking their role when it comes to hen planning. We're staying in a big house(sleeps 28) with its own pool/jacuzzi for a weekend. On the first night we're having a big sleepover with lots of cocktails and games and then spending all day Saturday in the spa then a night out sat night! (we can either go local or book a minibus or something into swansea)

The night resulted in these bad boys being ordered!

  (For the sleepover selfies!)

(For the spa day selfies!)

All from Asda! Complete bargains! (well... I haven't actually recieved them yet, so we'll soon see!) the black bridesmaid swimsuits are actually out of stock at the moment but apparently will be back in within a couple of weeks!

I also got a pair of Bride flip flops for £2!


Invitations... (Alll go today!)

D and I spent hours the other day deliberating over invitations. We've got our menu tasting on sunday so from then we can really crack on with them!

I've got a sample of a kraft pocketfold with an ivory envelope/ RSVP card and a belly band which we were going to stick a personalised wooden heart to so it matches the save the dates. These sample looks fine but nothing special and to me, really doesn't portray the theme/ specialness of our day!

Then I came across these on Etsy...



I love them! They're nothing like i've looked at before but I think they sum the day up! The wedding is obviously on a beach and we're going travelling for 6 months straight away after the wedding so that ties in with the passport... the cover is rustic which is our theme, the details are perfectly displayed in a fun way... They're certainly not the elegant rustic looking pocketfolds we were originally going for but I knew deep down I was looking for something different!

They are over our budget but I think they're perfect! We’re going for the 4 page option (like the sample above) and will swap out a lot of the location details/getting there for the menu/accommodation etc 


Ooh lovely updates!! That air bnb looks amazing! I’m also struggling with what to do the night before. Would love to do something like that but have my daughter and sisters (MOH) 3 kids to decide what to do with!!

Asda bridal bits are great, I got my robe from there and the men’s socks! 

Love love love the invites! What a fab idea, they look amazing! 


Love the invitations! 

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Thanks guys! I do really like them, D wants to keep them as a surprise for everyone so i haven't been able to have anyone's opinions!

The only thing niggling me is that they are a little thin/flimsy... the card is good quality but it's not proper premium invitation card as its just not that style but I think I'm going to have to get over that one! haha... I've seen some map envelope liners that I'm hoping to get which I think will make them look more fancy/ expensive.

Like this:



Omg those invites are amaaazing!!!!! 

September 2018 Bride 


Table Names!

I ordered these on black friday from VMbespoke. We're going to place them in the floral centerpieces although the wooden stick is shorter than I'd hoped so will need to get it's own foam ball and place it among the flowers so it is high enough to be seen. 

The table names we have chosen are our favourite beaches- i know this is quite a simple cliche option for wedding tables names but beaches are definitely our thing! The wedding venue is obviously right on Oxwich Bay beach and the centerpieces are beachy, it also ties in with our loose theme of travel.

These are the beaches we've chosen:

Llantwit Major- Our home town, where we both spent every day of the summer holidays as kids

Castle Beach- Tenby- we love Tenby and try to spend a couple of long weekends a year there.

Jackson's Bay-Smaller beach next to Barry Island... opposite our first home together

Three Cliff's Bay- A very small beach just up the coast of Oxwich- where we went camping right on the cliff and decided to get married at home (leading us to find Oxwich)

Baan Tai- Koh Phangnan (Thailand) We stayed in a beach hut right on the sand for a few nights and spent all day/night on the beach

Koh Sok National Park- Technically not a beach but the most beautiful place I've ever been to.... also where D proposed!

Playa D'en Bossa- Ibiza! D and I have been to Ibiza a couple of times and although this beach isn't the most beautiful/relaxing it definitely holds a lot of memories for us!

Playa Illetes- The smaller island next to Ibiza... Amazing soft white sand 

Playa Llevant- Salou (spain) Our first ever holiday together! We loved it so much we booked as soon as we got home to go again a few weeks later!

Oxwich Bay- This will be the top table... the beach is stunning in its own right but will (hopefully!) hold fond memories for years to come!

I've planned everything so far for 10 tables but think we'll only have have 8-9 so we'll have to think hard about which beach to ditch!


Mother of the Bride

Mum had been recommended a shop in Penarth called Queen B for her mother of the bride outfit... We went there in October for a quick look and they told us they have 2 deliveries a year, one in January for summer weddings and one in July for winter weddings.

So we went back a few days ago... they were honestly amazing and knew exactly what would suit her and what hat, shoes etc go to make the whole outfit. She actually only ended up trying one dress on! I think she looks amazing and I could tell she felt special. 





I also ordered these from VMbespoke and will be ordering individual names as place names soon. The wooden "mr and mrs" sign lights up and I'm thinking of putting it in front of our chairs on the top table, although it is quite big so will need to work out whether we can definitely see over it! ... maybe the cake/guest book signing table will be better.





I’ve been really toying with the idea of making my own bouquets from silk flowers since I first arranged our centrepieces. 

I took a trip to country baskets in Bristol (artificial flower heaven!) chose a few that I liked and I’ve put together a bridesmaid bouquet so far... Im pleased with it and I think this is the route I’m going to go down in terms of bouquets, they also perfectly match the centrepiece flowers even though that wasn’t a main aim. 

I’m really nervous about buttonholes, I only bought enough to make one bouquet to see how it goes but I’m going to go back this week to look into buttonhole/ other flowers to make my bouquet slightly different. 

I was quoted over £500 from several florists for our bouquets/buttonholes and to make the bouquets come in at under £20 each. 

I need 1brides bouquet 5x bridesmaids and 1 junior bridesmaids, 7 buttonholes and possibly (although this really might be stretching my abilities!!!) 3 wrist corsages (2xmums and 1xsisterInLaw) 

To show the handle/ribbon

 This is the centrepiece flowers on the left and bouquet on the right

I blurred my face to hide the bed hair/puffiness not to be anonymous haha but this is the bouquet with the bridesmaid dress... ive attached a long lacy ivory ribbon and I’ve got the same for mine but in blush pink...I’ll see how it looks but I’m swaying more towards ivory for all of us 

What do you think?? Are they good enough?? 


Wow, they look brilliant.  However, if you are looking at silk, and don't want the hassle- look at Forever to Hold Ltd on FB- they have a good reputation and seem to be really good value.  I am not saying it will, but it might work out cheaper, and then you don't have the stress.  I am not going with them- I have got a local lady, but her corsages are only £7, and button holes £2.50.  I got the following prices:

My bouquet- £50

BMs- £35

Younger BM- £25

Groom- £5

Ushers- £2.50

Page boys- Free

Corsages- £7


My nan bought her outfit from Queen B! The ladies in the store were fab with my nan!! Love your mums outfit.

I considered doing my own bouquets silk flowers but I decided against it. I wasn’t that brave! Yours look fab. There’s a place in Taffs Wells called Artificial Floral Supplies and it’s wedding planning heaven! Brilliant place for flowers, ribbons, vases. EVERYTHING! 

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Britbird- I'm one of those that love the idea of DIY but get frustrated very quickly.. I think the buttonholes/corsages are possibly a step too far for me! Haha

I've had a quick look on their page this afternoon and they look great.. big thankyou for that reccommendation! I think i'll order simple ivory buttonholes and then use my blush pink ribbon to tie in with the girl's bouquet.

FutureMrsThomas- Ha! Small world! They are honestly so great at their job!

I think I'm embracing the silk flowers! Never thought I'd have all artificial but it just seems like the better option for us! I think I like the fact I'm buying something to keep rather than die and I'm holding onto the fact that we can sell them afterwards and make a bit of money back.

I also think its a control thing... having flowers turn up on the morning of your wedding is a gamble- what if they didn't understand my brief properly.. what if what I originally thought I wanted doesn't actually work and it doesn't look like I was hoping to on the day, what if the florist is sick and can't complete my order? I drive myself mad!!

As it stands... i've got 7months 2weeks and 6days (according to my ticker! haha) to perfect my bouquets, surely I can get them exactly how I'd like in that time!


I completely understand. I chose my florist very carefully and went for Hilary's. They are one of the best, if not the best, florist in South Wales. 

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