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A long time coming.....Our Vegas Wedding, 30th July 2018


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So I caught up on Weatherwaxes thread today and fell in love with her customised Gazelles! I always wear gazelles and they’re so comfy. I googled straight away  and customised some for myself. They will also say Just Married on them. I love pink so these will be fab, if my Jimmy Choos get too much I can change into these later in the evening and I’ll also have them for our honeymoon road trip. 


VegasLou wrote (see post):

Thanks Ruthie, just caught up in your thread. It’s all getting so close now! I’m quite excited now. 


Me too - can't believe how quickly this year is going!!! xxx

Wedding addict

Love the Gazelles!!! You mentioned elsewhere about potentially sunset photos - I know you're at the Bellagio but I am a keen sunset chaser and my other half spent a couple of weeks in Vegas for work - depending on how much time you have for photos you could try these spots for sunset pictures :)

Voodoo Lounge at the Rio 

50 stories high, it's located on the west-side of town so you get a good view of the city with the desert in the distance!

The higher the better unless there is clouds - then the High Roller pronounces so great colours. I would say if you have time in your day - the Neon Graveyard looks amazing for wedding photos! 

It'll be here before you know it :)

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