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A cosy and elegant Sussex country wedding


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I should probably mention at this point if I haven't already, that I have 4 adult bridesmaids: 2 are best friends from uni and 2 are J's sisters. 

Seems like quite a lot compared to many people on here, but they were the obvious choice for me.

We are also having a little niece as flower girl (daughter J's older sister). She'll be 3.5 and a completely loose cannon :)

J has a best man and 4 ushers so it's nicely balanced. (And J will be best man to his best man next summer so lots of nice symmetry there too  )


Your bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous, I love the dark green, think it will look lovely for a winter wedding.


Monsoon and John Lewis have some absolutely gorgeous flower girl dresses x

Wedding addict

Just caught up on this thread. You have chosen such a stunning dress - its gorgeous! and i'm not normally a fan of green either, but the bridesmaids dresses will look beautiful at a December wedding. I guess a lot of people would maybe choose red instead so its good to be different 

Wedding addict

TartanBrideToBe thanks. Had a look at John Lewis and found one I loved, but not in right size :( I was expecting to love Monsoon, but somehow haven't seen "the one" yet. A bit budget conscious too so hoping for something a bit cheaper ideally.

SarahNov17 thanks for you kind words. Am really hoping it all comes together and looks good on the day. All a bit of a jumble in my head at the moment.

Wedding addict

Just waved J off on his stag do. 

They're all staying in a house together for the weekend and going to an ale festival somewhere on the south coast I think, all organised by best man. The ale thing is very him, he really misses it here in Germany. Beyond that he doesn't really know what else they're doing , or at least I don't ;) His friendship group's stags have mostly been quite chilled so far so I guess his will be too. Hoping he has a great time and they don't make him to anything too awful.

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