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I should probably mention at this point if I haven't already, that I have 4 adult bridesmaids: 2 are best friends from uni and 2 are J's sisters. 

Seems like quite a lot compared to many people on here, but they were the obvious choice for me.

We are also having a little niece as flower girl (daughter J's older sister). She'll be 3.5 and a completely loose cannon :)

J has a best man and 4 ushers so it's nicely balanced. (And J will be best man to his best man next summer so lots of nice symmetry there too  )


Your bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous, I love the dark green, think it will look lovely for a winter wedding.


Monsoon and John Lewis have some absolutely gorgeous flower girl dresses x


Just caught up on this thread. You have chosen such a stunning dress - its gorgeous! and i'm not normally a fan of green either, but the bridesmaids dresses will look beautiful at a December wedding. I guess a lot of people would maybe choose red instead so its good to be different 

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TartanBrideToBe thanks. Had a look at John Lewis and found one I loved, but not in right size :( I was expecting to love Monsoon, but somehow haven't seen "the one" yet. A bit budget conscious too so hoping for something a bit cheaper ideally.

SarahNov17 thanks for you kind words. Am really hoping it all comes together and looks good on the day. All a bit of a jumble in my head at the moment.

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Just waved J off on his stag do. 

They're all staying in a house together for the weekend and going to an ale festival somewhere on the south coast I think, all organised by best man. The ale thing is very him, he really misses it here in Germany. Beyond that he doesn't really know what else they're doing , or at least I don't ;) His friendship group's stags have mostly been quite chilled so far so I guess his will be too. Hoping he has a great time and they don't make him to anything too awful.

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J got back safely from his stag. Think they had a great time.

My turn soon :) I'm feeling pretty spoiled by my BMs at the moment. I had been sad that since I live abroad we haven't had much chance to see each other recently. We had tried to organise a time for us all to hang out, especially as my 2 friend BMs and my 2 FSIL BMs have never met, but we all live so far apart that it didn't work out. However, one FSIL had a brill idea. We had an "online" party. Sounds super weird, but we basically all logged onto Facebook at the same time and commented on various quizzes and talked about what we were going to do with our nails for the wedding. It's not how I would normally choose to interact, but it was a really nice way to bond and chat given that we're all so far apart. It was facilitated by a nail wrap company called I really recommend them.

As if that wasn't enough, they've organised not 1 but 2 hen parties for me in November. The first is a weekend in the Midlands with a group of 8 girls. Should be a chilled time hanging out together doing girly things. We also have a night out in a bigger group in London a couple of weeks later.

I've been so busy planning the actual wedding that I haven't given the hen party much thought at all. But now I'm getting excited. Really looking forward to seeing my friends and spending some quality time together! Also feeling so incredibly grateful to have BMs who are making this effort for me.


Glad your groom got back in one piece, your online party sounds like a great ice breaker for the Bridesmaids, Hope you enjoy your hen do (s)!


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Because I started this thread quite late in my wedding planning process I'm finding it a bit hard to make sure I include things that were already sorted by the time I started writing, and things that are happening now. 

I wanted to write in the order things had been planned, but I was feeling more excited about current planning, so I just kind of left things out. Anyway, I've decided it really doesn't matter and I should just jot down whatever pops onto my head in any random order :)

I guess it's mostly a record of the planning process for myself - although it seems some people do read this :)

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So Food

We have to use the venue's Chef and their menu. They do offer bespoke dishes but that gets really expensive and the meal is already a huuuuuuge part of our budget.

We combined our menu tasting with J's birthday meal and invited both sets of parents along. It was a really great experience and the guy who'll be master of ceremonies on the night was there running the whole thing. He was really knowledgeable and friendly so we feel like we're in safe hands with him and are happy he'll be a part of our day. 

The dinner included loads of wine tasting too which made it all the more fun :)

We were also allowed to try 3 options of each course as there were so many of us. A large part of J's family are vegetarians so we tried 1 veggie and 2 meat options. We also tried to pick the most seasonal options.

Just realised I can't do the descriptions justice without looking up the menu, which I'll do tomorrow. But basically our biggest problem was that the pork dishes sounded the best for each course and we wanted to avoid serving only pork all day :)



have fun!

My planning thread


have a fab time take lots of pictures x

Wedding Report:

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Eeek it's tomorrow!!

And I have totally abandoned my poor thread in the run up. It all got a bit hectic, but fingers crossed feels almost sorted now.

My hen party was so lovely, a relaxing weekend in a beautiful with some fun and games!

The wedding food was where I stalled before so I'll go from there. We are having pork belly starter and chicken stuffed with ricotta and tomato for main. It might seem like the meats are the wrong way round, but these were far and away the most delicious options of everything we tried. The veggie option is a roast veg and chickpea spicy tart followed by an artichoke and halloumi dish. For pudding we have the most gorgeous chocolate velvet cake with salted caramel something and coffee ice cream. It was incredible when we tried it! There is also a tart tatin on vegan pastry option for those that way inclined.

There will be a bunch of canapes during the reception before dinner. The one I was most keen on was parmesan shortbread, but the dates in bacon are a close second! We're serving mulled wine as well as prosecco to keep in the winter theme :)

Then the evening food will be our wheels of cheese from the wedding cake with various homemade chutneys from my MIL and crackers, fruit cake, and bacon rolls. I just hope I'm not too full to appreciate it! :)

We've also brought over little marzipan hearts from Germany and sugared cranberries from Russia to go with after dinner coffee