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Why Am I Broken? - 2018


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Hi Ladies,


New Year, New Start!!


I am hopeful this will be the year us broken lot can finally graduate but if there is anyone out there lurking please comment we are lovely really and we definitely understand!!


Love to all - We've got this ladies!! xxx;53;93/st/20150620/e/Our+Wedding/dt/4/k/8aa8/event.png


Ok so an update post now -


Well, I don't have much to say still but 1 week to go!!  Then we finally might get some answers to as what's next for us - this is another strange thing to say but I really hope AF shows her face on time lol!!


So, I attended an ivf meet up on Sat - this was such a good day!  Ended up being over 100 people all going through different variations of IVF and at different stages.  It was nice to meet others F2F and just talk about it all.  They had some speakers from an IVF specialist to an acupuncturist to nutritionist - so was really interesting to see what they had to say about it all.


If you ever get the chance to attend something like this - I definitely recommend it.


I hope everyone is well xxx;53;93/st/20150620/e/Our+Wedding/dt/4/k/8aa8/event.png


Hi Mrs GB,

Lovely to see a new thread! I was going to ask you about your meet but then I forgot :/ glad you got something out of it though :)

Update from me… We spent the last few days looking and visiting houses and doing some financial sums and unfortunately we can’t really afford to move to the size house and area we want at the moment. Not without having to move again in a few years. We just need to get a few years more equity in the house we are in now. It is not the end of the world.

So hubby and I have been talking and we are going to continue on this crazy baby journey for now as long as it doesn’t get too much again. Like I said in my previous post Christmas was the worst time I think I have ever experienced in my life, and I can’t do that again. Now we are still not trying again for a few months. But we have started walking everyday and we are eating well. I am also putting hubby back on Proxeed and Tribulus. And am tempted to get some of the Proxeed for women…has anyone had any good experiences with this?

Over the last few months my periods have just gone completely crazy again. Since June my cycles have been 38, 51, 37, 40 and 44 days – so as the doctors have never managed to confirm ovulation via blood test I am convinced as time goes on we are probably going to find that it is not only hubby with an issue. I definitely do not ovulate regularly, if at all, but I don’t have PCOS so who knows what is going on. So we are preparing ourselves for that and the likely hood after all this time (22 months and counting) we very likely will need some assistance.

In the meantime I am just trying to get my BMI as close to 30 as possible before we head back to the Drs to redo hubbys tests and give mine another go :) then I am hoping we can finally get our referral to the Fertility Clinic. We are sorting our house out as a bit of a project to keep me busy. Nothing too expensive as I am holding on to my savings just incase we do need some private help in the end.

Hope everyone is well and any lurkers you are more than welcome – it is always nice on a new thread :)


Even miracles take a little time...


KirBe – No worries its hard to remember what everyone is up to and the stages sometimes.  I did enjoy it and found it interesting and what a great number of people to all be sat in the same room and just understanding each other’s stories and being so supportive.


That’s a shame on the house front but if you cannot afford to do it how you want to then you’ll only regret it if you moved to then have to move again so sounds like the best decision for now.


I think being back on the ttc wagon but focusing efforts more on the fitness and getting the BMI down is a good plan.  I really need to focus my efforts back into my losing weight and being healthy I really do think it helps.;53;93/st/20150620/e/Our+Wedding/dt/4/k/8aa8/event.png


I can imagine. It is such a lonely journey that I bet it was amazing having that many people in the same room going through the same or similar! 

Are you back at the clinic next week did you say? 

I hope they get you moving again quickly!


Even miracles take a little time...


KirBe - Yes deffo - so many different stories or reasons why but we all understood and could relate.


Yes, next Monday afternoon, finally!!  Ive felt like its been sooo far away but its nearly here now!  Just hope my AF plays ball and comes on time so hopefully they will just let me start on that cycle x;53;93/st/20150620/e/Our+Wedding/dt/4/k/8aa8/event.png


Hey ladies.

Thanks for starting new thread Mrsgb! Hopefully this thread will be full of lots more positive stories for us.

I saw your last post about the accupuncture link so thanks for that, will check it out. Glad to hear the meet up went well. I'll be looking for something similar local to me too.

Kirbe that'll be great to work on the house project. And thanks to pinterest plenty of inspiration on low cost things you can do! 

We're back at fertility clinic tomorrow to see the nurse who will talk us through our treatment etc for IVF, which will likely start in a month depending how long my current cycle is.




Hi Ladies. 

Let's hope this new thread brings some good luck! 

Update from me- I've been on metformin for a few weeks now and feeling okay. Been referrd to infertility clinic at hospital and hubby needs to have a sperm count just to check he is all good. Just waiting for my appointment with hospital now. 

We are trying out best to eat well and exercise as we could both do with losing a bit of weight. 


Emma - No worrie, hope you find someone xx


As for the meets you should (if you have Instagram) add ivfbabble they are thinking of organising more meets in other locations.  


In fact anyone with Insta should add them and read their online mag some really good info on there!


MrsH - FC all is good and your appointment isn’t too far away! 


Seems like we are all on a health kick - let’s do this ladies (she says after a bad day eating wise haha! I’ve been so hungry today!! 🙈);53;93/st/20150620/e/Our+Wedding/dt/4/k/8aa8/event.png

Wedding addict

Hi, hope it is OK to join the convo.

We have been trying for 12 months and I have been on the TTC chat, it would seem I may have just misunderstood my cycle (this is what I am hoping). I am starting to use Ovulation sticks this cycle but I am really struggling with keeping calm, I feel sad every time someone tells me they are pregnant which at the moment seems to be everyone I know!! I am also arranging my friends baby shower which I want to do but part of me wishes it was my baby shower.

Do you have any advice how to cope with this because I know the stress is not good when TTC?

The doctor sent me husband for sperm count test, which came back OK but he is 40 and an ex smoker, so still a little worried. I was sent for a day 21 blood test, which was useless as my cycle is not regular enough to get any information from. The doctor has asked I have another day 21 blood test, which I will but not sure it will be any use. Other than this the doctor has not yet offered anything else and also seemed quiet embarrassed talking about the subject.

I know we are still at early stages compared to some, but any advice on foods to eat, pills to take, doctors to contact etc would be welcomed. I would really like some answers about my fertility to help take away some of the stress because at the moment I feel like something I thought was going to be natural and easy is very difficult, frustrating and incredibly upsetting. I am also finding it difficult to find someone to talk to about it as my mother would be devastated to not have grandchildren and my closes friends either have children or are pregnant 


Any advice would be welcomed greatly.




Hi Emma,  of course it is okay to join us. After a while I think we all found the TTC thread a little hard - which is why we made this thread. Well made a new version.

I completely understand how you are feeling. TTC can become very painful and upsetting. I think all of us here have been in that place. I know I personally still am. 

I would push the doctors for more tests. Also if you are using OPKs if possible you could book your 21 day bloods for a week after the positive that should make it more accurate. I think that is how 21 day bloods work they need to be done 7 days after ovulation to check hormone levels. I have irregular cycles as well so I know what a pain these blood tests can be! A lot of ladies also temp which can be useful if you are having irregular cycles. How irregular are they if you don’t mind me asking? 

You’ll find lots of support here and you are definitely not alone in not having people to talk to in ‘real’ life. This thread is an absolute lifeline xxx

Even miracles take a little time...

Wedding addict

Thanks KirBe, cycle is  roughly anywhere between 23 and 32 days, and the bleed can be anywhere between 3 - 10 days sometimes very painful and heavy sometimes just spotting. I have also missed a couple of months completely.

I had avoided OPKs as I thought it may add more pressure but now I just want to know if there is any ovulation  happening or not. So trying this cycle, looked a bit crazy buying 5 boxes I the shop! 

Doctor has told me to delete the tracking app I had, she thought it would add more pressure and stress but I am a planner by nature so think I may download it again soon.


Emma – Of course you can join us.  Its such a tough journey and it can be very painful and upsetting but we will get there.


In the meantime come on here, rant, cry, moan we all understand and try and help as best we can – if we can! 


As for OPKs etc – I found they stressed me more but everyone is different.  I still have my app just to keep an eye on cycle lengths – I found it helped when I go to the clinic so I know exactly what day im on without having to work it all out haha! But I don’t use it fully anymore I just add my AF in.


I think it would be good to push your DR for more tests and try to stick to a healthy diet and exercise.  I am literally the world’s worst for both of these options but it really does help.  I would also recommend some sort of hobby maybe that can take your mind off things even for a few hours?  I got myself into glittering glasses and making my own little page up for friends & family to sell them, I went into my own little world when I was doing these and it helped even for a little while just to take some of the thoughts and worries away.


GL on your journey hun xx;53;93/st/20150620/e/Our+Wedding/dt/4/k/8aa8/event.png


Sooo, CD33 and no signs of AF yet - usually I get some sort of warning by now to come on the next day but nothing yet!


This is just typical to happen now as I really want it to come before Monday as I think they will be wanting to make sure Ive had another cycle before we go ahead with the next steps - this is me guessing and from what I understand.


I know lots of ladies experience delays after a round of IVF but you always hope you'll be ok and bounce back if that makes sense!  Hopefully I am just worrying for nothing and she will come tomorrow or over the weekend - I do think it will be weekend as im sure I had EWCM a bit later than I thought I usually do so FC - pleaseeeee AF for once I want you! haha!!


I hope everyone is keeping well :) xx;53;93/st/20150620/e/Our+Wedding/dt/4/k/8aa8/event.png


I’ve got everything crossed for AF for you Mrs GB (never thought I’d be saying that haha)! Let us know how your appointment goes hun. 

Sooo our proxeed has arrived, I’m starting daily fertility smoothies at the weekend and got my well researched supplements ready. I’m also trying to follow a fertility friendly diet for me and hubby, whilst still losing weight. I figure if we are out of the game for a few months we may as well throw everything at getting the eggs, sperm and my cycle as good as possible for when we are able to try again!

We are always moving office in the next couple of weeks again so I won’t be sat next to my heavily pregnant colleague anymore 🎉 this is such good news for me mentally and emotionally. I believe she will actually be sat behind me now so as much as I’m sure I’ll still be able to hear the constant pregnancy chatter atleast she’s not right next to me. I will take that small win!


Even miracles take a little time...


KirBe – Thanks hun – I know it seems strange to be willing AF’s arrival but in this case its needed!  I know I wont be pregnant so don’t mess me around haha!


Sounds like you are on this hun – the one thing I am terrible with is supplements im always so worried about what you should and shouldn’t be putting in your body!  I am going to go ask the consultant on Monday what they think would be the best for me and would help aid our next round before I go buying lots of things!


The office move sounds a good relief for you!  Behind in front of her means you can ignore a bit more than next to you staring at you until you answer haha!


Have a good weekend hun xx;53;93/st/20150620/e/Our+Wedding/dt/4/k/8aa8/event.png


I would totally be the same with the supplements if I was at the same stage as you Hun, I think for us we just have nothing to lose at this point.

I am getting so frustrated thinking about the NHS I know that sounds terrible, and I am so grateful that we get 3 funded cycles, but I’m stuck in this limbo and then I know even once we get our referral to the fertility clinic we could be waiting god knows how long to get any treatment. Sorry for the whinge I’m just annoyed I guess because we are still waiting for hubbys Urologist appointment which was pushed back to March. 

I just want to get moving with something I guess  definitely impatient today!


Even miracles take a little time...


KirBe - Yea it cant harm for you hun - I just worry about everything probably half my issue haha!


Aww hun, it is horrible the waiting is literally the worst!  In the grand scheme of things we haven't waited too long compared to initial time limits we were told/others stories but it is still the worst - this whole process is such a waiting game and I am the worlds most impatient person so I totally understand how you feel hun! xx;53;93/st/20150620/e/Our+Wedding/dt/4/k/8aa8/event.png


Good luck for tomorrow Mrs GB. Thinking of you. Let us know how it goes xx

Even miracles take a little time...


Thanks KirBe - much appreciated!


Im a bit concerned that we will have to wait a few months though, current AF still hasn’t arrived and I can’t take holiday (other than a week I’ve got already but I’m away for) in April so I’ve got to avoid that! Why is everything so difficult! 🙈;53;93/st/20150620/e/Our+Wedding/dt/4/k/8aa8/event.png