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Due in September/October/November 2018


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Hello! Just thought I would start a thread and hopefully lots of people will join soon 😊

I will start a list of due dates:

Regina EDD - 13/09/18 - Team pink

MrsYoung EDD - 19/09/18

Michelle EDD - 23/09/18

LouB EDD - 08/10/18

FunkyBride (me!) EDD - 19/10/18

Willow EDD - 7/11/18 

CeeCee EDD - 11/11/18

FutureMrsD - 30/11/18


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Hi Funkybride


I hope I can join this thread:

EDD 7/11/18


Hi Willow! Yay someone to join me! Congratulations! How are you doing? I will add you to the list of due dates :)

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Hi ladies, I would like to join if that's Ok? Still saying tentatively even though I'm now 12 weeks- the anxiety is real! I'm due middle of September, had a scan last Friday but I was too early so have another one for a week tomorrow so hopefully get exact dates then :) xx

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Im doing good, tentative at the minute as just found out, I think I am about 4 weeks.

Feeling sick already and exhausted. I can smell Everything and have such an aversion for tomatoes! 


Welcome Regina :) I’ll put your EDD on when you know. 

Are these your first babies?

This will be my third! I’m starting to think I’m mad going for three but I always imagined a big family.

Willow I’m about 6 weeks and have felt rubbish for the last week. I’m so tired and grumpy and my smell is so sensitive (doesn’t help when I’m changing nappies!) I haven’t been sick but just feel like yuck, not hungry but if I don’t eat I feel worse. I had the booking in appointment with the midwife yesterday Which went well. I asked her about the harmony test (blood test which has a better accuracy for chromosome disorders) which I’m considering because I’m 34 now, although it does cost £390!

Glad we’ve actually got a thread going now :) x



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Yes this is my first. Perhaps quite early but I just had a feeling.

Im also the same, not really hungry at all, trying to eat at points but nothing is really hitting the spot and I dont like it.

I called Maternity at the hospital for my booking appointment today and it said they get back in touch within 7 days so just a waiting game.

What sort of things do they go through at your booking in appt? 


Willow - it’s quite a long appointment, they go through your medical history and for me they went through previous pregnancies etc. Tell you what you can/can’t eat. Asked my husband if he was the father (my midwife said they secretly call this the Jeremy Kyle section!) took a urine sample and tested it and you get weighed and measured. They give you a leaflet with all of the appointments on that you’ll have throughout your pregnancy (you’ll have more than me as it’s your first). Then discuss options on home birth or which hospital you can go to in your area for the birth, and also about breastfeeding/labour classes they offer, so it’s fairly thorough. 

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Thanks Funky! Yes this is my first also :)

I have actually had limited to no symptoms at all until this week and even then it is only nausea and bloating so no sickness or anything. I've always wondered if the stories are true about people who think they have a sore stomach then all of a sudden  are giving birth on the kitchen floor but actually if my pregnancy stays like this I can kind of see how it happens 😂 especially if you weren't trying at all! My periods were light before and I've still had random spotting- one incident lasting three weeks so would have definitely put that down to a light af if I hadn't tested. 

Hope you are both well xx


Haha Regina, I recently watched a programme called ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’ and wondered how anyone wouldn’t know until they were giving birth! I can understand maybe not knowing for the first few months but once baby starts to kick there’s no mistaking a little foot pushing out!

Im ok but fed up of this weather already! I’ve got an 18 month old and 3 year old and it’s too cold and windy to go out so I’m starting to go stir crazy. That along with me being tired and grumpy isn’t a good mixture 😂

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Same, the weather is driving me crazy. We have snow days, but there's nothing to do!

Regina-I've always thought the same! I really dont get it?

Got some light cramping today so just trying to take it easy.

At what point did you tell your parents (if you have yet?) Did anyone get an early scan? They offer them literally down the road from me, but they are £70. I'm all for it but hubby feels that it's not necessary and we could spend the money on the baby, which I understand. 

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Yes that's true, probably as I get further on I will change my stance 😂 aw Funky that's rubbish, they must be demented being cooped in! 

I've had a few scans Willow! We got an early one when I was about 6 weeks and it was good to put my mind at rest as I was worrying about ectopic, chemical you name it! I then had another one as id been spotting a lot at about 8 weeks and then had one last week which we thought was my 12 week one but actually dated me at 11 so have another next week 🙈 

I told my mum and dad right away as my husband was getting bored of my baby chat 😂 he has been very nervous also and didn't want to get too excited until everything was confirmed as ok. 

I don't really mind the snow days but I have so much I could be getting on with in the house but don't have the energy so the lack of productivity is frustrating me! Xx


If you need reassurance willow then have a scan, I’d probably try and wait until 7-8 weeks if you can as you should be able to hear a heartbeat by then too :)

We haven’t told anyone, I’m going to try and wait until my 12 week scan I think.

Yes the snow is driving me crazy, it doesn’t help that my husband works nights to do with the gritting so he’s out all night and asleep all day! Its not snowing now so at least my eldest can go in the garden today if he’s wrapped up thank goodness, there’s only so much Peppa Pig and colouring in I can stand 😂

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Thanks ladies, I think it's definitely worth it, but trying to hold out for around 6-7 as I was thread hopping on the June/July thread and heard that was the best time for heartbeat.

Hubby is in work but I have snow days, doing some work from home but I'm so the same Regina-haven't got the energy to do anything!

We are telling our parents next weekend and hubby's brother. It's going to be apt as it's mothers day, and hubby's brother and fiancee will be there too, they are expecting at the end of the month so it'll be quite exciting. Always thought I would wait till 12 week scan but hubby is too excited, he'll burst before then! 


How are you both ladies?

Im 7 weeks today and have to say I feel rubbish, so deathly tired and I hate not enjoying food and feeling sick but never being sick (just burp a lot!) My hubby says I’m so grumpy which I agree with! Fingers crossed it eases off in a few weeks! 

My mum knows im pregnant but that’s it, I’m going to hold out from telling anyone else until I’ve had a scan so I feel a bit more confident (I think thats just because I’ve had a mc before so I’m v wary) x

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Hi Funky! I'm not feeling great today either, after me saying last week about the lack of symptoms as well.

Just feel really nauseous although not actually been sick and horribly bloated. Can't seem to get comfy at night either so my sleep is disturbed but don't even know if that's related haha. Don't know how you do it with two LOs to look after! 

I understand why you would be reluctant to share just now, I always thought i would wait until the 12 weeks too but I couldn't hold it haha! Not done a Facebook announcement or anything though, just my work and family/ close friends. Are u going to book an early scan or anything? Xx


I’m not sure how I’m coping with two LOs either 😂 and also im finding it really hard to sleep even though I’m shattered which is driving me bonkers.

Im considering booking the harmony (NIPT) test which does also include a scan but I think that’s maybe when I’m 10 weeks. Just need to call up and arrange it

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Hi ladies,

Im good here, entering week 5 and feeling really sick in the morning, before I get up, after breakfast and mid morning. Not actually sick but all the heaving  but only lasts a few minutes , I really understand morning sickness now!

Waiting on maternity to call me for my booking in appointment , they say max 7 working days, so that should be this week. Persuaded hubby into getting an early scan too, so need to book that.

We have only told my brother in law and my best friend. My parents are getting told this weekend, as it is part of their mother's day present so I hope that will be a nice surprise! 


That will be a nice surprise for them willow :)

I’m starting to feel v bloated and my jeans hurt when I do them up! I’ve got maternity jeans from before but I don’t want to start wearing them yet as it’s too early lol. Oh and just a tip for maternity clothes, h and m do the best casual clothes and their jeans are really comfy :)

I phoned up about booking my harmony test and the lady was very helpful. Told me everything they test for and they will even tell you the gender if you want to know. All in all costs £350, it’s a lot but I think I want piece of mind.

Hope the next few weeks go quickly for us so that the sicky feelings wear off!!


Hi everyone, I didn’t realise this group had been set up, so sorry for not stopping by earlier! 

I‘m due in early october-9 weeks today in fact! We had two early scans at the early pregnancy unit due to bleeding in week 4 and week 5. Luckily after a missed miscarriage in late October at my 12 week scan, everything showed as fine on the scans, with just a small area of bleed. Had a private scan yesterday and all is looking good thankfully! Baby measuring 9 weeks exactly, wriggling around and we heard heartbeat which was amazing!

With you on feeling sick - I’ve had nausea since about week 5 and the last couple of weeks have been particularly tough. its just so crap feeling terrible all the time at work and not being able to tell anyone! 

Thanks for the maternity wear tips Funky - my friend said the same about H&M. I’m really excited about getting to that stage after last time. Currently sat at hospital waiting to do blood test during lunch break 🙄