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I was going to wait a couple more weeks but feeling all brave so going to start the thread for these winter babies! There isn't a December thread so thought I'd add it in 😊.Hoping others can join soon xx

MrsH17 edd 4th December

Mrs_W edd 24th December 

Sarah39 edd 5th January


Tula does the hula edd 14th February


Helen225 add 15th February

Charlotte430 edd 20th February 


Definitely not in the group but just passing by to say congratulations!!! Xx


A new did thread! I'll tentively join you MrsShark. When are you due? I'm due late December according to my dates but I think that'll be pushed back. 


Thanks Melissa 😊. It all feels a bit surreal at the minute!!

Yay Sarah, I was hoping you'd join me 😁. My edd is 11th January, not sure how accurate that is though, will wait and see at the scan. I'm 6 weeks tomorrow and bracing myself for nausea to start. I think it was about this time with my little boy. So far I've just been really tired though. How is your sickness?

I'm off work at the minute as I'm a teacher and there's a suspected case of slapped cheek in the class next door to mine. I had to tell my boss yesterday which I didn't really want to do yet. I then phoned the midwife who told me not to be at work until I can have a blood test to check my immunity. My boss was very nice about it but feeling guilty about not being at work when I'm perfectly healthy. I had to lie to my colleagues and say my son was poorly so I could go home. I'm not enjoying all the trying to cover up but we will only be telling parents until after the scan.


Fingers crossed for you that the nausea stays away this time. My nausea is awful - I don't remember it being like this last time. I was sick a lot with my first but now I just feel sick all day long! I think I'm going to ask my GP for something for it. 

Enjoy the enforced time off! It's rubbish having to tell people early. We had to tell my husband's parents early because they're planning to visit us at the end of the year and we thought they might be annoyed if they missed meeting the baby. This was a couple of weeks ago now, after the first scan, when we really didn't know what was happening so it was just awful having to tell them. 


That does sound horrible. When is your next scan again? Definitely go and see the Dr about the nausea. It's such a horrible feeling. I think there are a couple of different things they can prescribe. Have you tried sickness bands? I haven't but have heard good things about them. 

I'm feeling quite hopeful that I might skip the nausea this time, although I bet I'll be eating my words in a week or so!!


My next scan is on Monday. If everything is ok we should be able to see a heartbeat and confirm everything is ok. 

I had a couple of anti-sickness medications last time and they didn't help at all! I think there are some different options in Australia though - my doctor mentioned some kind of wafer thing that dissolves on your tongue, which is supposed to be quite effective. I might look into the bands as well.

Have you got a date for your booking in appointment yet? 

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Hi ladies!

I'm about 10 weeks with my first. Based on LMP, due 8th December but have our first scan on Tuesday so been trying not to get too excited about it all until then when I know all is ok xx


Hello and welcome MrsH. Is this your first baby? How exciting that you've got your scan next week. 

I've got my booking in appointment on 7th June when I'll be almost 9 weeks. Hopefully they will give me a date for my scan then. I hate how much this first trimester drags. I'm only 6 weeks today but I feel like I've known for ages!

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Yes, it is our first and was very much a surprise. I got given our scan date after my booking appointment on Monday and was expecting it to be the week after really.

I know, we've known for just over 4 weeks now and although more people know than I would have liked (was bridesmaid at a wedding in Italy 2 weeks ago with uni friends and they know I can put away thr wine so knew instantly lol) I can't wait to tell everyone and not keep it such a secret providing all goes well on Tuesday x

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Hi! I was hoping someone would start a thread soon! 

I'm currently 8 weeks with my first with an EDD towards the end of December. Was very cautiously excited at first but the further along I get the more positive I'm becoming. I just wish we didn't have to wait so long for a scan! Mine's booked for mid June with my booking appt in 2 weeks.

So far i feel very lucky as I've not had any nausea. I've got horrible nose and throat congestion in the mornings which is really nasty. I'm hungry pretty much all the time so I'm trying to snack on healthy food so I don't gain much weight before necessary! 

We've already told a few people including our parents who were over the moon. Trying to keep it on the down low until 12 weeks is so hard though as we are a very social couple!


Welcome Mrs W! So lovely to have more join 😊. Congratulations! I think my scan will be at the end of June or beginning of July which seems ages away. I'm also constantly starving and snacking on junk almost all day! I'm making the most of enjoying food in case the nausea kicks in.


Hi ladies. Welcome to those that have joined. I had a scan on Monday and they confirmed a healthy viable pregnancy 😊 I'm 7wk + 4 due on the 5th Jan - 12 days before DD's 2nd birthday! We saw and heard the heart beating which was lovely.

I'm so happy we can now start to enjoy the pregnancy after the scary start! 

How's everyone feeling? My sickness is horrible at the moment and DD has decided that sleep is for wimps, so I'm exhausted as well 😂


Just thread hopping to say that I am very happy for your Sarah, lets hope that it all goes smoothly now.


Yay, I'm so pleased for you Sarah. How lovely you got to hear the heartbeat. Sorry you're feeling so sick and that DD isn't sleeping well. It's like they know you need rest and are deliberately sabotaging it!!

I'm 6+5 today. Getting excited about getting closer to the 8 week mark. I don't know why, but I always feel like it's a bit of a milestone. I feel quite nauseous today but generally I'm ok. I don't have any food aversions this time and I had tons last time. I couldn't open the fridge without heaving but this time I'm fine. I don't know whether that concerns me or not! I've found chewing gum helps with the nausea.


How did you get on at your scan, MrsH?


Thanks Twizbe and MrsShark. Twizbe, I've got everything crossed that you join us here soon!

MrsShark, it definitely feels like sabotage! I agree - 8 weeks is definitely a milestone. I don't have sore boobs this time and it was one of the first symptoms last time - I'm a bit concerned I won't produce any milk! 

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Hi Mrs Shark! 

Scan was great! Baby was sat in the right place and midwife was very happy so due date is now 4th December. 



Told the rest of the team at work today so all feeling quite real now x


Lovely picture MrsH! Have you told all of your family and friends too? I can't wait until I can tell people, I almost keep slipping up 🙈. I don't think we'll tell anyone until after the scan.

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Our parents already knew but siblings and grandparents were all told yesterday. We're telling friends as we see them as we aren't posting it all over Facebook x