Weight loss for your wedding

Diet denial... hold me accountable!


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Well done Ashley- fingers crossed on those last few lbs. I'm so intrigued by the fat freezing. You'll have to keep us updated with the results. 

I managed my first ever 5.5k run last night. It was also my quickest in terms of pace. Previously 3.4-5 was my furthest. I've had a bit of an "off plan" (read: being a greedy mare and eating everything in sight) weekend so it felt good to do it. 


Put on half a pound at SW tonight but I’m more than ok with it as it’s from the wedding I really enjoyed at the weekend.

Here’s to a full week on plan, 


Half a pound is definitely not something to worry about especially as you had a wedding to go to!

I'm off to rejoin SW tonight! Also will be starting running again on Monday after 6 weeks off with a calf muscle tear.  Unfortunately having to start right at the beginning with a walk/run type program to ease my leg back into it.  I'm signed up for a 10k run in September and the Great South run in October so need to get back on the training ASAP.  Hoping this will help with the weight loss.  Also doing one PT session a week and a couple of HIIT type workouts at home.

6 months to go on Saturday - really hoping to lose 2 stone in the next few months.


Ah Kelly I’ve been talking to my cousin about entering the great south run. We’re not officially entered yet but I think we’re def going to. I did my first half marathon in Feb with her and hit the wall at about ten miles so will be interesting to see how I do at the GSR.


ah amazing- good luck with the run! I’m tempted to sign up  to a 10k t the end of summer to give me motivation. 

Sorry to hear about your injury, too. Sounds like you’re on plan for December though! 


Just weighed myself and I’ve gained just under 2lbs. I’m in no way suprised and could make plenty of excuses but I won’t. me and F are off away for the weekend so I can’t imagibe I’ll be too much better this weekend but I’m hoping I feel ready and reset come Monday!  I really need it- work has been horrible this week.


Definitely enjoy your weekend away - reset on Monday 

I rejoined SW last night.  I last weighed in with them on 22nd March and weighed 11st 9.5lbs and last night I was 11st 9lbs so I've lost half a pound since March but considering I've not been following the plan since then and I've not exercised for 6 weeks and eaten 3 takeaways in the last 2 weeks I'm quite pleased!  but back on it now, planning my meals etc. and going for my first run Monday so feeling positive!


GinAndBling - 2lbs is nothing! I'd put on 5lbs last weekend and it was off again by Wednesday, it's probably not 2lbs of fat just water/bloat/carbs etc. Enjoy your weekend - you have to feel like you're living don't you and not just a slave to a diet for one bloomin' day! That's what Spanx are for after all. I do think once you "get it out of your system" you often feel better about being good all of the following week, and sometimes its a little boost to your metabolism to start losing again.

I've accidentally ordered 10kg of natural yogurt with my Tesco delivery - instead of 10 of the little individual pots I take to work for breakfast. So my fridge is full to the brim and I'm sick of the sight of it already. I also dropped my tub of raspberry ketone capsules as I was leaving for work this morning so spent ten minutes on my hands and knees picking up a few hundred of the little beggars.... came to work moping about the fact life would be so much easier if I was naturally skinny and could eat chocolate croissants for breakfast!!!

We haven't got much on this weekend so I'm hoping I can have the first weekend in ages where I don't undo my week of effort. I find weekends so hard! My Nan asked if I'd lost weight this week though which has given me a push as she's usually the first to notice when you gain but the last to notice if you lose!


Thank Ashley. Fingers crossed! 

Ha i'm giggling about the 10kg of yoghurt- you'll have to have it with everything.. I hear it is good for your hair and as face masks too... 

It's lovely when someone else notices isn't it. 

Hope it's been a lovely slim week for all! 

I'll weigh in at the end and see if i've shifted that 2lb/ gained anything more after a weekend of food related debauchery... 


Lost 2lbs at weigh in tonight and now 9lbs to target, can’t beiieve I’m in a single digit countdown.


Well done girls! MrsP that’s brilliant - single digits seems so much more in reach doesn’t it! 

GinandBling - woohoo that next stone bracket! Such a milestone! I must say I don’t think you look even close to 13 stone in your dress pics on your thread so don’t get too Hung up over numbers as you carry it so well! 

I have not had a great week! Started off with going to Brighton where we bought fiance’s wedding ring so of course then felt the need to celebrate with fish and chips and several bottles of wine.... oh and then a drunken picnic for the train home. And now I’m in Italy on a little venue & accommodation recce and it’s just carb city! 

Thank God I’ve started trying to lose some now and not left it closer to the wedding because my willpower is shocking. Like.....non existent, the moment the weekend or any sense of a social life comes. I can eat salads at my desk all week no issue which I suppose is something & will hopefully help undo some damage  

Two months today until my hen do (super early I know!) and i’d love to feel good in a bikini by then so once home I’m getting my head back in the game! I’m not going to weigh myself I don’t think and Just try and be good for a couple of weeks as I find the losing and gaining of the same pound or two kind of demoralising so I wonder if I just really try hard and maybe measure myself I might see more progress? Does anyone else measure as well as weigh? I’ve been going by clothes and could do up a pair of jeans I previously couldn’t which felt soooo much better than seeing a tiny shift on the scales. 


Well done GinandBling - that's fab news!

I missed my first SW weigh in  I went to Wembley last night to see Ed Sheeran and did not have time to go to the early session in between finishing work and having to leave, the traffic was horrendous and took us nearly 4 hours - normally takes 1.5!!  So if i had stopped and done the weigh in that would have added an extra hour on.  I do feel really bad that I missed the first one though but I had a good week on plan with a spin session, a run and a PT session so will just try and carry that on into next week.

Sounds like you are having a lovely couple of weeks Ashley!!


Thanks Ashley- how odd, I was in Brighton at the weekend too! Plenty of fish and chips and cocktails ha. I tried to stick to gin and slim as much as possible. 

I take my measurements too. I do widest point (legs), hips and waist. I only started doing it mid May, and as of last week had lost 1 inch on hips and 4 (apparently!) off my waist. I do think seeing how clothes fit is a much better way, the scales can often lie. 

If you don't, I recommend following Munro Fitness on instagram (munro_fitness). He posts loads of useful info about weight loss. 


How is everyone getting on this week?  I'm following a no sugar plan for 5 days with my Personal Trainer and some of her other clients.  Trying to keep it into the SW plan as well - it's going OK so far.  We had to weigh on Monday and I was 11st 8lbs, I know I shouldn't have but I weighed myself this morning and have lost 2lbs so very pleased!  Still going to weigh in at SW tomorrow night so hopefully it will show on their scales as well!

Exercise wise I'm trying to do exercise Monday-Friday and then have the weekends off.

Monday I went for a run, Tuesday was a 20 minute HIIT workout, today is a PT session, Thursday another run and Friday another HIIT session.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Maintained at SW tonight. Guess that’s what happens when you have cake and don’t count the syns, on top of prosecco and chocolate at the weekend too.

H2B has been working away this week so not really had the chance to go out for runs. By the time I get home and have taken the dogs for their walk, I just want to shower and have dinner. I hate with an office job how sedentary I am, a bunch of my colleagues go out walking every lunchtime. I think I need to invite myself along.

Ive got date night Saturday with H2B when he’s home and we’re probably going to our favourite Thai restaurant which is very un SW. Just going to have to give 110% the rest of the time.


Since last week I’ve managed a 2.5lb loss. This heat is making me not want to eat. Will see what next week brings.