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Lost 4.5lbs tonight at weigh in and got my 1 stone award :)


Weigh in at my slimmingworld group this morning! I'll let you know how it goes! 


VegasLou wrote (see post):

MissGX, Well done on your weight loss so far! The last bit is always the hardest, you're doing so well though. Keep up the good work.


 MrsHowgarth, one day at a time sounds good and you've got plenty of time to take it slowly.

Stacie. Well done on your stone loss!

Thanks VegasLou! I'm going to the gym 3 times a week and it's having a negative impact on the scales... so since I started  the gym I've only lost 2lb but I've lost over an inch on my measurements with toning up. So I'm trying to not take too much notice of the scales and judge by my clothes.

I noticed you joined up at the leisure club - have you been to any classes or did you join a gym?


Yay well done Britbird!! 

MissGX well done on the inch loss, its great when clothes start feeling a bit loose. I did join up mainly for classes but I haven't been to one yet! Had a nightmare week with fiancé being admitted to hospital which was an hours drive from home so that took up every evening! I've been eating ok but no  change in the scales this week. 

New bride

Well done! :)

I've been doing little run/walks and ventured to the gym this afternoon. Felt soooooo unfit but feel like it was a good start to getting back into it. Just need to factor it into my week more I think.. 

does anyone have any tips for snacks that aren't a sugar hit? Work has been so hectic recently I'm turning to sweet stuff in the afternoons :(


I hope your fiancé is okay VegasLou! I forgot to post my loss on Thursday (I lost half a pound) which I thought was quite good considering the week I've had (with finding out im pregnant on the Saturday previous, and constantly feeling sick!) 

Here's to another (hopefully) good week 


Wildflower, how about nuts as a snack? I keep a pot in my car. You have to be careful about not having too many though. This time of the year I love berries as well.

Laura, Congratulations on your pregnancy.

He's ok thanks ladies, he got knocked down in London almost 4 weeks ago by a motorbike that drove off! He's got a nasty gash in his shin and it had a bad infection so he had to have it cut away. He has to have a skin graft today. 


I took holiday from slimming world this week as had an extremely off plan weekend but I couldn't resist weighing myself at home and I've gained 2lbs.

I use an app called slimit but I've had a few treats since the weekend that I've not bothered to count so I need to start logging everything again. 

Also typically I'm going out for pizza tonight. One of H2B friends is moving to Australia, I've never met them but I have to go. I have eaten at this place before and still managed losses by doing SP days so I think that's the plan.

I'm also going to a friends Saturday evening for her birthday so I'm going to eat before I go and I won't be able to drink as I'm driving. It's going to be hard to resist the chocolate birthday cake my other friend is making her though. Sometimes real life just gets in the way.


Well done VegasLou!

That's another thing I need to mentally prepare myself for, when I go back to group next Wednesday if I lose the 2lbs I'm only going to have maintained there.

Wedding addict

A 1.5 loss this week and got my 2.5 stone award  halfway to my target!!!


Well done VegasLou - I hope your fiancé's skin graft goes ok! Have you managed to get to the gym yet?

MrsHowgate2B - Well done! Are you feeling a bit better now? You seemed so upset the other day.

Angelamay87 - That's brilliant news, well done!!

I got weighed last night and I've lost 5lb in the last 10 days (couldn't get weighed as usual on Monday). I'm really happy with that, I've been on plan and gym 3 times a week. Only 3lb to go for my 6.5 stone award.