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We are looking to get married aboard next year ideally May/June 2019. 

We are having a nightmare with deciding on which country to get married in!

We like the look of Cyrpus, Greece, Costa Del Sol or Majorca. We understand in Spain it would be a blessing. 

We will have around 50 guests. Looking for an all-inclusive holiday for everyone but would prefer the wedding outside of the hotel. 

Can anyone recommend anywhere?

Thank you


I'd love to get married on Cameo Beach or Marathonisi in Zante - but sadly we had to rule out a wedding abroad for family reasons!

My planning thread:


Hiya I got married in Rhodes plenty of hotels i got married at filerimos then had my reception at the shearton and that hotel was beautiful I couldn't afford to stay there but was amazing to have wedding nice to get out of hotel for the day x

New bride

Im a destination photographer and have photographed weddings in Italy, Greece and this year Cyprus. Photo wise, I would suggest Santorini or Tuscany. You'll struggle with the AI option, however consider a huge villa with a pool, and do a big shop. A few brides I know have done this and really works


New bride


we recently married in algarve portugal, at a place called Casa do Largo in vilamoura old village. It is absolutely beautiful! I would recomend the place to anyone! 

kate x

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