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Firstly guests need to pay their own accommodation.Also you can't pay for all the activities they are going to have during their stay on the island.Open bar is not mandatory in most venues,so you could save money there.x

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Hi, I am a destination photographer and photographed a Wedding at Gem. They booked direct and the day was perfect. All the staff are very well organised, and speak brilliant English. The venue offers amazing views, but I would recommend a trip to Pyrgos to give your photos variety.



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Hello Laura 

I will also be getting married in Santorini in June 2019 at Le Ciel. I came back from Santorini last week From doing some brief wedding planning, the weather was lovely 26-28degrees, If anyone is looking for a hairdresser and a flower option I managed to have a hair trial with a lovely lady called Marianna and I was very pleased with her work safe to say I booked her for my wedding day. Whilst I was there I also managed to  meet with another lady Eleni who Specializes in ‘paper flowers’ I think this is their first year in Santorini as they are usually based on cyprus, I wanted to see them why I was there to considered them for venue decoration, I managed to see two weddings one at Le Ciel and one at Santo winery with her flowers all set up i was not disappointed with the quality and look of the flowers which looked amazing considering they was not real and I’m not 100% sure but have been told these are a fraction of the price, and seem to be popular as she is uploaded pictures daily from weddings in Santorini. 

Hope this helps 



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Hi All,


We are also getting married in Santorini Sept 2019 at Dana Villas!  Finding it all quite daunting at the moment all the planning that needs to be done. We went over last year to view Dana and La Ceil and they were both beautiful!

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Hi ladies


We’re also getting married at Dana Villas in September 2019. Have used Nikos for legal planning but arranging hair/makeup/flowers etc myself. If anyone has any suggestions or advice on who to go to/avoid I’d be grateful!


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Hi has anyone used before? i cant seem to find a review about them?

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I got married in at Dana Villas in Santorini last month. It was an intimate wedding, 25 guests, so the venue was perfect. I picked my original wedding planner, Alexandra from Gold-Weddings Santorini, based on the reviews on this forum. To my disappointment, I had to make a last minute switch because I found Alexandra to be very disorganized. I had a bad feeling the moment Alexandra sent me an email with a list of her preferred/tested vendors. I had to google all the vendors because she didn’t provide any links or descriptions. I felt like I was doing a lot of work just having to research all the vendors. I also found that I was able to get better prices by going straight to the vendors. I’m not Greek so I needed help with all the required documents to make our civil wedding legal and she couldn’t help me with translation. Her follow-thru skills needed work. She would ask me if I needed anything instead of looking at all the outstanding items from our last phone call. She is not cheap either. I lost my deposit (500+ euros) but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Panos and the LovWed team came highly recommended by Amalia of Poema Weddings. LovWed is Poema’s sister company. Like Amalia, Panos is very sweet and professional. From the moment he sent me his first email, I knew he was the right planner for me. He presented all his information in a professional way. He sent me a “wedding book” that took into account all the items I have to consider while planning a wedding. He sent brochures, pictures, description and prices. He even had a file that kept track of all my wedding expenses for budgeting purposes. He is very well connected and well liked by the vendors. I was able to get better prices from him. And best of all, his English is impeccable. Sometimes I found it hard to communicate with the local vendors because of their accent so it was nice to have Panos talk to them on my behalf. He was calm, collected and on top of everything, throughout the process and all throughout our wedding day. He even helped us with all the legal requirements including translation services. We treated our guests to a sunset cruise the day before the wedding, and at the last minute, we decided to surprise them with fireworks. Panos contacted the owner of the cruise company to coordinate everything and sent us a video of the fireworks display afterwards, without me even asking. He is very tech-savvy and detail-oriented. He far exceeded all my expectations. I believe he is Santorini’s best kept secret. My husband and I are both thrilled we found him! Because of his help and expertise, I had the most amazing wedding! My guests told me it was the best wedding they have ever attended. His price is very reasonable. It was money well spent. I highly recommend Panos and the LovWed team if you’re looking for a wedding planner. Hiring him will be one of the best decisions of your life!

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Oh sorry to hear about that.. we had Gold Weddings as planners too, but our experience was totally different! Alexandra was perfect ,making our dreams for our wedding day come true.The suppliers she recommended, provided excellent services.She even surprised us with 4 fountain fireworks during first dance! 

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Hey fellow brides!!

we‘ve started planning our Santorini wedding for 2019!! Looking at Dana Villas for the ceremony & reception if they allow outside catering? Does anyone know if this is possible as I saw it mentioned on another thread?

Also does anyone have any tips/contacts for keeping costs down? I did consider having some of the wedding bits delivered to the hotel a few days before, just little bits like confetti, small decorations etc.

thank you! 



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  Have booked to have our wedding venue in le ciel beginning of June 2020 small wedding about 30 people. booked directly with le ciel and going to visit there next year but have no idea about booking flowers, photographer, cake and hair and make up any advice would be much appreciated :) 

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im getting married at LeCiel in July 2020 - we booked directly with them and they were very quick at responding- lots of dates have gone already and we had to settle for our third choice!

Only just starting the planning process so ideas and recommendations would be fab! Having researched a little I’m going to organise myself and visit the island next May. Have decided to appoint a planner purely to cover registrar and legal - any recommendations?

thanks! X

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congrats! a visit should be made before the wedding for sure!any colour scheme you prefer? Check Gold Weddings they're fab!

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We are also getting married in Santorini in July 2019. We have only just started to plan this week after we went to a wedding at Gem...all you Gem brides, it most definitely will be a fairy-tale day, it's such a stunning venue!! 

We need to decide on a venue for both the wedding and reception, which we want in the same place to avoid having to move our guest about too much (we have 90). picking a venue is itself  very overwhelming, as they all have different aspects and features which we love and I don't want to make the wrong choice...hoping to weigh it all up this weekend and bite the bullet (considering Oceanids, Le Ciel, Santo Winery and Pyrgos).

I have spoken to several wedding planners as well as to venues directly and this again is a hard choice! I am most probably going to ask them to help with the civil wedding and documents element, as I'm going to use some contacts of my friend who got married and we are taking our own DJ and potentially our own photographer too but I want to look at what options Santorini has, as bringing two photographers and a videographer plus flights and accommodation is not going to be cheap. I am also debating having all my floral arrangements made here from silk flowers and taking them over with me. I know a few brides have done this and saved 50-70%!

As for planners, I would really recommend Maria at Weddings-in-Santorini (Wedding Santorini) and also Katerina at Santorini My Wedding...both have been amazing even in these early stages, very informative and friendly and not pushy at all...I am stuck on which one to chose but again, will decide that this weekend!

I hope all your plans are coming along nicely...if anyone has any reasonable cost for coaches to transport guests please let me know xxx

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We hired Alexandra from Gold-Weddings  she is amazing so far...We invited 85 guests but don't believe that more than 60 will make it..Are you having a party after the wedding for people that won't going to make it to your wedding?

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Hi Girls,

My partner and I are thinking of getting married in Santorini, however we haven’t a clue where to start! We are going to go out there next year to view venues etc however we then go blank! 

Could anybody advise on budgets and how much roughly a wedding in Santorini costs? We have no idea what a realistic budget is for an abroad wedding. Also in regards to a wedding planner, in their prices does that include the cost for hiring the wedding ceremony and reception venue? 

Thank you! X

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