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New bride

Suzy12 wrote (see post):


Congratulations all!

Have been doing some google searching and this thread came up. We're looking for basically the exact same thing and finding it quite tricky. Have you had any more ideas/success? We're looking at beginning of July 2019 so not got as much time to play with. Again looking at Greek Islands and Croatia mainly.


Thanks :-)



Hi Suzy,

Still really struggling to find anything which fits this, only thing we did come across was on an island in Croatia - it's called Levan. Google it - thus far this is the closest we've found to what we want but does seem to come with some logistical complications due to its location.

Let me know what you think!



New bride

Congratulations everyone!

I am so excited that I found this thread! I LOVE these posts so much. 

Unfortunately, due to ill health in the family, we only have a short time to plan our beach wedding and get everyone out there (its all hands on deck at the moment).

We are either going to get married in October later this year or next May bank holiday.

We hope that we can all go away together and I have been looking into

Cypress, Serretini, and Sorrento but would love any suggestions and advice. 

Does anyone have any recommendations from their research of places that are not too expensive? 

 Also, any recommendations for reputable companies to go through? Or even a blog?

Any help would be appreciated really :-)


Don't discount Cameo Island, I've been there lots of times (my uncle lived in Laganas for years) and I can assure you it doesn't get cold there, even at midnight!

My grandma holidayed there well into her 80s and never even wore a cardigan thete that I can remember!!

There is also Marathonisi island which I can assure you is deep, white sand and just stunning.

If you didn't want the reception at Cameo Beach, there's a restaurant on the beach nearby called X-Paradiso run by a lovely guy called Nikos. The food is fantastic there and he speaks great English.

I really wanted to get married there but some of our family can't travel so it wasn't feasible sadly.


My planning thread:

New bride

Ive HAD to just create an account on this site so I could reply because this is the EXACT wedding I want!

We are looking at Greek Islands like Corfu as I spent time there as a child, however, as a couple we have been to lots of long distance destinations like Mexico, Costa Rica and Thailand and they seem to offer more of the boho, beach BBQ, laid back wedding we want but we feel like we can't make people travel that far.

Just wondering if anyone had found anything else? I only got engaged last month and we are hoping to tie the knot August 2020. We are happy to do the legal stuff in the UK if it gets us the sort of wedding we want abroad.

Any help would be appreciated because if I have to look at another chair cover I am going to cry haha!!

Has anyone looked at any private villas etc? Maybe getting married in the grounds of their private accommodation and doing something a bit DIY? Wasn't sure of the logistics of this!

Also, regarding Cameo Island, I read that it was weather permitting and can sometimes close which worried me... Does anyone know anything about that??


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