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I Don't Want To Be A Sweaty Bride!


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New bride

Hi all!

I'm getting married in Florida in September and the closer it gets, and the sunnier it becomes here, the more I'm worrying about sweating on the big day!

I don't get married until 3pm and plan on spending a lot of the day before then in air conditioning lol. However when I'm stressed out I get a bit sweaty, and obviously it's very humid in Florida.

Does anyone know of any tips and tricks to reduce the chance of me being a sweaty bride? Some miracle deodorant??

I also have a fringe so anything to reduce sweating on the face - I don't want my fringe looking like rats tails! 😂


Wedding addict

Try Driclor, you can purchase it in boots. My PT recommended it, it’s brilliant! You put it on at night time initially a few times each week to get it to work, then you can use it every few days or just once a week. You then just use your normal deoderant as you would if that makes sense.  Can’t say it will help with your face but im def going to use it for mine, just dont put it on after shaving as it’s really painful.

New bride

Thank you! I'll definitely give it a go! 😊 Xx


You 100% need driclor. It stops you sweating completely - I did a 10 mile run and my under arms were bone dry!


I'm another keen advocate of driclor, you definitely don't sweat. It is uncomfortable to apply though, or at least it is for me, so be prepared for itchy pits whilst you apply it!

As for your fringe, blotting paper is your friend. I would leave a couple of hand held fans in the ladies toilet at the venue so you can discreetly dry off 



Driclor is an excellent one, although VERY chemical based and can sting etc ( it basically blcoks the sweat glands)

Another less chemical type one is Mitcham. I use it daily and do find it helps.

I suppose depends on your budget and how far you are willing to go, but my sister had Botox in her under arms as she is a sweaty betty too and wear a grey uniform to work. small areas of botox blocks the sweat and you can have this in your forhead too!

Just an idea

Wedding addict

Perspirex is another good one. My friend used it for her wedding last year as she generally sweats a lot anyway and it worked wonders. We always use it when we go on holiday as well. You apply it the night before then apparently it lasts 5 days but we always just use our normal deodorant on top x

New bride

Can't thank you all enough for the input! Think I'll give all suggestions a go on the lead up and pick a winner for the day!! lol :)

I feel like the more stressed/anxious/excited I get, the more sweaty I get and the more sweaty I get, the more stressed I am!



I'm assuming you're getting married outside?  Speak with the venue about making sure you're not standing in direct sunlight. Not only does it make for lousy pictures (weird shadows, squinting), but the sun's rays in FL are incredible.  They should be able to put you in the shade, which will not only help with sweating, but will help preserve your hair & makeup and make for better pictures.  If they can't, I would look into sourcing a canopy to stand under. Even cheap tulle on a basic arch will help more than nothing at all.

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