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Any Abbots Oak brides ?


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New bride

Hi, I’ve booked my wedding at Abbots Oak in Leicestershire, but am finding them incredibly unresponsive to emails. 

Im a few months away from my wedding and can’t get them to send simple information to me. I’m not overloading them with loads of requests, I’ve only emailed a couple of times this year but they don’t respond for weeks. 

Anybody else getting married here who can offer me some advice ?


thanks !


New bride

Hi, Yes we feel exactly the same as you regarding service of information and responsiveness to emails. Our wedding is this year and are starting to get nervous....

New bride

Hi, my wedding was last week and I wish I had good news for you - but I don’t .....

On the day the food  was great, the guests were happy but the stress in the run up to it caused by the team at Abbots Oak was huge

Firstly the promised Garden Room and patio were never built, even in late April I was being told they would be. When it was obvious they weren’t happening I was shown a marquee they would put up instead. (A pole marquee) The Monday before the wedding I got an email telling me the pole marquee wasn’t happening and a basic, standard one would be there instead.

The carpetted floor in the marquee was uneven, there was a hidden step under the ramp to the bar people kept tripping over and it was even connected to the wrong part of the house. It joined to the bar when we’d  agreed to connect it to the panelled room where the music was. When it rained during the meal it leaked badly in three places with water pouring in. No staff helped fix it and my husband and other guests stood on chairs to sort it out. We found out some of the wedding presents had got soggy....

On the morning of the wedding we found out by chance they’d got another party booked into the small panelled sitting room for dinner, even though we were told it was ours for people to chill in. My husband complained and we got them moved to the restaurant.

on the day there were minimal waiting staff, so service was very slow. I saw one friend had to fetch her own veggie option as she’d been forgotten, and I had to ask they cut and serve the wedding cake. It was over two hours after we’d done the official cake cutting and still hadn’t been put out for guests. I was asked if I’d like to cut it up myself.....

When we got the invoice a month before the wedding they’d ‘accidentally’ overcharged us by over£2k which we got corrected.

Oh and when people used the disabled bathroom (as two communal toilets between 75 guests is tight) we found the sink wasn’t even plumbed in so you couldn’t wash your hands......

I‘m not sure what to advise, but if you do stick with them you need to chase and double check everything with them.

New bride

Wow, so sorry to hear your day has not gone to plan. How devasting for you, I feel for you. I would love to be able to chase and keep on top of them however this seems an impossible task as they just seem to avoid any messages or emails! Hhhhmmmm

Wedding addict

Really sorry to hear about your experience here! My sister in law got married at Abbot's a couple of weeks ago and we really enjoyed the day, although she also said they were a nightmare to get hold of!

Food was excellent, if a little slow to come out. It was a small wedding, maybe 20 guests or so. We thought that the grounds were stunning and owners very friendly. Drinks a bit on the pricey side (nearly £9 for a G&T!) but as I say, the day was stunning and my advice to anyone struggling to get hold of them is go in and see them if you are local enough - they seem to prefer face to face interaction.

New bride

Thank you for your feedback. For service to be slow for around 20 people is a little concerning, I just hope they will cope with our larger numbers. The thing is, when you go in to see them the information they promise to send and get answers on for you still never materialises despite numerous chases for it also. 

The fact that the orangery has not been built along with all the other aspects of the building and grounds that have not been completed is a very large concern to us. Plus the fact that the marquee, as mentioned above, did not have a level floor and leaked in the review of last weeks wedding!!! 

Are there any other couples worrying??? 

New bride

They need to sort themselves out. I know they’re new to weddings but you don’t expect to pay £3,600 just hire the venue & £9 a G&T for them to scrimp on numbers of waitresses and quality of the marquee. Not installing a wooden floor in the marquee is just being cheap.

And lets not start on the lies I was told about completion of the garden room .....

New bride

I have heard quite a few weddings are cancelling on the venue now due to lack of facilities being complete. Is this true? 

New bride

We threatened that we’d walk away as they hadn’t completed the facilities and weren’t even replying to call and e-mails, but in the end we stuck with them.

im not surprised if people have though, how long do you have to find somewhere else ?

New bride

Oh no, just read these reviews and I’m gutted. I’ve booked my wedding at Abbots Oak and I’m so worried. We have had the same problems trying to get anyone to respond to us and there are always excuses for the delay.

We paid our deposit and haven’t had any receipt or confirmation of what we have paid for. There is no response on when the garden room or extra bedrooms will be ready/finished.  

does Anyone have anything positive to tell me? 


New bride

When we paid our deposit at the very beginning of January this year we were told the Garden Room would definitely be complete by April and they were just finalising details with the builders. 

Same with the patio outside, that would also be completed by our wedding which we held there mid June this year. Neither were built in time.

New bride

we actually cancelled our wedding at Abbots Oak and moved to Sutton Bonington Hall 5 weeks prior to our wedding date. We were so fortunate that they had the date available. We were really unhappy with the service level at Abbots Oak and constant lies over the lack of development there. I'm not really sure what you can do to get the confirmation or receipt for your deposit as I know when we went to see them (turning up unexpected even) they always promised to send things but it still never materialised. My advice would be to change venue if you can, it would put your mind at rest as I know we felt like a huge weight had been lifted when we rearranged and could actually look forward to our day. 

Abbots Oak didn't even try to fight to keep our wedding with them which is just odd for a new business. I think they know themselves they aren't really up to hosting larger weddings. The marquee they were trying to give us was just awful and they refused to get a marquee in for us of quality, in fact they tried to charge us more for a Petal Marquee even though they hadn't fulfilled the agreement of having the orangery ready! Plus the lack of patio, toilets, car park and land scaping. 

It also took just over 5 weeks to be refunded for the bedrooms and they have refused to give us the deposit on the venue back, but we are in the process of obtaining this through banks and legal as they have not fulfilled the contract on their behalf. 

New bride

Has anybody else noticed that the "garden room/orangery" has been removed from the website? Only promoting the Oak and Cedar room now for weddings? I'm sure many weddings next year are still anticipating the building works to be complete as per the plans they were shown which made you choose the venue alike ourselves. 🤔


There is a post on the wedding scams page on Facebook saying this venue have cancelled someone's wedding with only 2 month's notice - saw it and thought I would warn other brides as have seen this post pop up regularly on here



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