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Would you buy a wedding dress online?


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I'd say gill was def the exception and not the rule when buying from China.  I was one of those people that got completely scammed by a China-based website selling wedding dresses.

You absolutely could not tell that the site was Chinese and the reviews on the site itself were excellent.  I completely fell for it (and to this day, feel really stupid for it).  Turns out, the reviews on the site were fake: the site doesn't allow you to give a review for less than 5 stars and they obviously delete any reviews with bad notes. My dress arrived and was indescribably poor. It was stained and literally falling apart.  It took me months of trying to get my money back, and I only got part of it back once I threatened to contact my credit card company and report them as scammers. There was no phone number to call, and they would ignore your emails. They tried every excuse in the book to not help me: language barrier, it's a holiday, the manager will get back to you, blah blah blah.  I would be absolutely terrified to ever make a majorly important purchase like this online ever again.

If you Google search some of these Chinese wedding websites, satisfied customers are absolutely the minority. That isn't to say that NO ONE gets lucky and gets what they ordered, but why would you want to gamble like that? You have virtually no recourse, no protection. Even if it's only £200, do you really want to bet that?

THIS ASIDE, whoever pointed out that you have NO idea what suits your body type until you try some dresses on is absolutely right. If you look through the planning threads on here and talk to brides in real life, more often than not, they end up with a dress completely different than they originally thought would suit.  If you buy a wedding dress online even from a reputable company, if it's custom made, there's no returning it if it doesn't suit you.  Some sites like Phase 8 and BHLDN I believe have some flexibility with returns, but something made to order doesn't.

I think the cons outweight the pros.


Yes, I would buy my wedding dress online.  

I buy other clothes online all the time, and I don't really see why this should be any different as long as I go in with my eyes open and a very clear idea of size, shape, colour etc.

I'm seriously considering two different dresses I've found online, simply because I haven't so far found anything I like nearly as much in real shops.  I did look at dressilyme (which is where I believe Gill's dress came from), and my current favourite is from a British company. 

I know what shapes suit me from my experience with clothes in general and from trying on various wedding/bridesmaid dresses and failing to find the right dress in a shop yet - I certainly haven't gone round shops with the specific intention on wasting their time while I figure out which 'knock off' to buy online

And yes, I've seen the poor reviews and reports of bad experiences from other people, but I also have to say absolutely honestly that once you filter out all the hearsay/scaremongering/I-know-someone-who-knows-someone-who-had-a-disaster stories, I've actually seen more positive reviews than bad ones.  


gill17 wrote (see post):

I dont think i was an exception, its easy to focus on the disaster stories and write my story off as good luck but that just helps perpetuate the fear that surrounds buying online and from outside UK. I did tons of research and read loads of reviews, the website i used had pictures of real brides wearing their dresses. I paid with a credit card so I would be covered if things went south, but everything I ordered was good quality, including hooped underskirt (£7) and shoes. There are dodgy websites out there yes but simple common sense can help identify these. 

I know that a lot of 'boutique' dresses are made in China, Vietnam etc and just finished in UK, adding beaded detail or a rose or belt or whatever. Yes some are made in Uk but lots arent, its simple economics - its so much cheaper to 'outsource'. The disaster stories are really pushed and peddled by UK shop owners, for obvious reasons. I went to a shop once that had this awful yellow monstrosity at the door with a warning sign on it to not buy online! Whereas brides that do get nice dresses on the cheap are hardly going to shout about it! I told a few people, but not until after they'd seen it, so they wouldnt prejudge it. I didnt tell my dressmaker for this reason (said it was preloved) and she said it was obviously a designer dress as it was so well made and boning etc was so good, it obviously wasnt a China special !

Its just not true that China = risky or poor quality, loads of our products come from there, even if its a recognisable brand. Its the same for lots of products, like there are only 3 makers of televisions in EU, all the brands are added afterwards. 

But to get back to OP question, yes I certainly would buy online. It would be good to have material samples perhaps, as 'cream' can mean a huge range of colours and things look different on different screens. 

I don't think I was an exception, but sorry that you had a bad experience kittyfiennes. I used dawn rees. I paid by credit card so I was covered just in case. I buy almost everything online tbh ali s 71. I tried dresses on so i knew what shape i wanted etc. 

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Just wanted to say I ordered my dream dress from China, yes saved lots of pennies, material quality perfect, fitting other then length perfect (step in family dressmaker), I could not be happier xx

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Future-Mrs-G wrote (see post):

Just wanted to say I ordered my dream dress from China, yes saved lots of pennies, material quality perfect, fitting other then length perfect (step in family dressmaker), I could not be happier xx

Future-Mrs-G what website did you use and how long did it take to come? I'm at my wits end trying to find a dress and can not stomach spending thousands on a dress that isn't even going to be the dream dress. I'm running out of time!

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