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gill17 wrote (see post):

Julia I got my dress from a 'cheap China copying house' and it was beautiful and great quality thanks. My positive experience is just a few posts above yours. It wasn't a copy of an existing dress by another designer though, so copyright wasn't an issue.

I bought online too Gill, I love my dress and couldn't be happier with it. Not everyone wants to spend a fortune on a dress for one day 


Exactly Rach, and it's no less worthy for being cheap. Everyone was very complimentary and I felt amazing in it. I am more than happy with our pics. I tried on dresses in bridal boutiques and they didn't touch my dress. I had almost 3 grand worth on at one stage, dress, veil and 'sleevlets' and didn't feel anything beyond holy crap that's so much money. We did a lot with what I saved on the dress. Most of my friends dresses were in the 2k range  and are just sitting in their wardrobes now. I got into the sea for sunset pics and then it went in the bin! I would never have done that to an expensive dress.



This is mine! I'm completely in love with it, I tried it on today and I get butterflies when I wear it. I wont keep mine, it go to the charity shop when I'm done with it. No way would I want to spend over a grand on a dress for 1 day! That money is better spent on wine!

I tried a million dresses too and I don't feel like I've compromised by buying a cheaper dress online .It suits me and my situation and I'm happy which is the main thing! 

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I love zalando websites. I was sewing at the seamstress.

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