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New bride


I'm totally in love with Pronovias dresses (Barcelona based designer). Does anyone know if they are cheaper to purchase out in Spain or here? NB: I am based in London.

It's very difficult to find price guidelines anywhere without going to actual stores. 

Many thanks in advance!

Wedding addict

I think it's worth calling a few stockists and asking for a price guide... If there's a particular dress you want they can usually order them in. Most places will give you an idea so you don't end up wasting an appointment...I think they're one of the pricier designers so I would imagine £2000 and upwards. My dress is from one of their diffusion lines and was nearly 2000. I've no idea about Spain but I wouldn't think the exchange rate currently would make them a great deal cheaper taking into account travel and/or delivery costs... Do you speak Spanish?  Could phone around there too in that case?  There would be alterations to consider too I guess if you buy abroad. I'm glad I had the support of a bridal shop and their seamstress at home. Just something else to consider x 


Mine was a Pronovias dress. I got it for a lot less than the RRP but it was in a sample sale. The cost will depend on which season and whether it’s Pronovias or Atelier Pronovias. I would expect the cost to be comparable in Spain.


There are always lots on eBay.

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