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Too Self-Conscious to Go Dress Shopping... Help!


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New bride

Hi All,

I've been spending a LOT of time looking at dresses online but don't feel like I can book any appointments to go dress shopping. I don't feel like anything will look good on me as at the best of times, dress shopping is my nightmare! I'm girly and I like dresses though I don't often wear them. At 5'2, a size 14( a bit round in the middle!!) and 38G cup I feel there's not many styles that are flattering on me. I hate showing my arms so my dress will have to have long sleeves and I also DEFINITELY need to wear a proper bra!! Most of the dresses with sleeves seem to be the short 60's style which I'm not overly keen on or 'illusion' style/open back which would show your bra so I don't think will work. I should be excited for this experience but I'm not. I'm planning on losing weight but even when I'm a size 12 I have the same body hang ups and my boobs get no smaller! 

Any tips or advice you can give me on styles? Or you know. a link to the perfect dress? haha

Thanks xx


Wedding addict

Just bite the bullet, go into a proper shop, look at online reviews to find somewhere not too pushy. Honestly look at all different styles and try them on. I was amazed in what I thought I didn't want I went for. Dresses can be altered, sleeves added or shrugs etc. I had mine shortened as I wanted short but all the short ones in the shops were 50s style that made my hips huge and I ended up doing a dipped them on a chiffon A-line dress. Take the people with you who will be honest too. Don't be nervous, put on a bra like what you will feel comfortable in on the day and just see where the day takes you. You don't have to buy if you don't like. Use the first time to see what style suits your body and then you can look around for ' the dress' in that style. Remember trying on things you don't like helps you narrow down what you do xxx

New bride

Thanks for replying. You are totally right. I think I'm just afraid I'm going to go in and find nothing or get so upset that I won't go again! I'm in Cheshire as well, mind me asking where you went? xxx


Can completely understand your fears. I'm  5ft 3, a size 18, a 38G bust and I've had 2 children. I found dress shopping stressful but I just bit the bullet. I treated myself to new underwear before going to give me a confidence boost. I hate my arms, it's my biggest body issue. 

I thought I was going to have a tea length dress. I was adamant that would be my style. Guess what, it's not. It heighlighted everything I hate about myself. Instead I have an A line gown with a huge train, illusion neckline and I CAN wear a bra, (the back stops above the bra line). I have bought the Wonderbra ultimate strapless bra and it gives fab support and shape. 

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