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MrsCToBee wrote (see post):

Oh August2018Bride yours is beaut! The back is stunning.

I genuinely don't understand why I can see more detail on all our pics of the dresses than the professional ones???

Awe thanks MrsCToBee! The back is my favourite bit 😊


Weatherwaxe, you rock that dress so much better than the model!!

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GinAndBling wrote (see post):

Decided to resurrect this as I haven't put mine on! 

Model (obviously!): 




Oooo I love this! The back is amazing and I love how it works around your tattoo :)


I can't find a picture of mine online anywhere!! I've been looking for a couple of months, but it was a sample dress on sale ! 

This is it though!

Cecilia x

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MrsJ2017 wrote (see post):

Mine was MGNY Nusa 51130

On the model

And on me

I was really disappointed with it to be honest. The seamstress decided that she couldn’t alter the back of it to fit with only 2 weeks to spare. So she cut the buttons off and added a corset, only it was a see through corset and because it was on really delicate material it couldn’t be pulled right enough. I think it looked slutty with the open corset, and baggy from the front. The pic above is from the evening reception, I decided to tighten it and to hell with the consequences If it ripped. I wish I’d have had it like that during the ceremony.

But it annoys me so much.


Oh MrsJ, that sucks!! I'm really surprised though - I remember seeing your wedding report and thinking how stunning you looked in your dress, in literally every photo!

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 Here's mine, not been properly fitted yet.... The model is about a foot taller and slimmer than me 😂 I love the back of the dress, sort of want to walk down the aisle backwards.... 

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