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petite bride worried how i will look


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New bride

Hi There,

  I recently purchased my wedding dress and I love it so much, typically its nothing like what i thought i would end up with as being just 5ft i thought slim fitting dress would be the only way to go for me but they all looked awful so i ended up with an A line gown instead which makes me feel amazing. My worry is do i just feel amazing as i was standing on a box and the dress draped over, giving me the illusion that im taller? Im very scared that once i receive the dress cut for my height it wont look magical and perfect anymore and i will suddenly look short and squatty because of it!

Did any of you fellow petite ladies out there have the same worries but end up feeling as special as the day you tried it on for your big day?? so worried.

Wedding addict

I am 5ft and wore flats with my dress. A line dresses do look much better than fitted ones on us shorter girls. I tried on fitted and they looked terrible. A line was perfect for me. It was so long on me, my only concern was alteration cost haha. 

You won't look short and squatty. I am sure it will be perfect


I'm 5'3", and I went for a fitted dress, but my seamstress added the belt I that chose a teeny bit higher on my waist than I would have put it - she said it elongates the legs and makes me look taller and slimmer! And I have to say she's right! Without blowing my own trumpet 😂 

Are you having anything like a belt, or accessories that can be added in a similarly clever way? 

I have to say though, I bet you'll look gorgeous regardless! 

Wedding addict

I'm 5feet and have gone for a mermaid style with five inch heels!  I'm like you in worrying that the box made the dress look better (and me taller obviously 😆)  but I'm sure once it has been fitted it will look as good as possible. A friend of mine who is a little shorter than me went for A line and she looked fabulous, not squat at all. Our wedding is at the end of next month so I can let you know how it goes... I'm sure once the dress is fitted to you length wise it'll be fine though x 

Wedding addict

Im 5 ft 2 size 8 and have 3” heels and a tea length dress

I still want the hem altered shorter as it sits longer than id like - probably tea length on someone 5ft6!

New bride

I have the same worry at 5ft 1inch although my dress is fitted but I’m hoping to find ways to give the illusion of height...heels are a must, height to my hair and just avoiding anything that’s going to cut me off at any point across my body. I have a large bust as well so found that anything  with any volume width wise made me look as wide as I am tall haha...petite people problems!


I'm 5ft and have a very full aline dress. I tried it without box to stand on but I did wear my chosen heel height. The lady helping me tucked the dress under to give me an idea of what it would be like after alterations, it's look fine :)

New bride

Thank to all you responses, i feel a little better. My dress is currently being made so the next time i try it on will be when i go for my fitting. I have v.high heels so hopefully i can keep as much length on the skirt as possible and just grin n bare the feet pain, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do hey! 

I have requested a jeweled sash which is being sewn on when making the dress but as it has a slightly higher waist hopefully it will help out with the illusion of length as you said @FutureMrsTracey 👌 Its just such a long wait between choosing a dress and receiving it, its hard not to question everything.

To all those soon to be married i hope u all have a wonderful wedding day, all this stress will soon be gone!! Hoorah!!!!! 

Thank you all again xx

New bride

I have the same worry, being a little person and a dislike of dresses or skirts!😂 I have seen some enormous glittery platform wedges which I may try and track down😉

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