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How much did your alterations cost?


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I am also looking for a seamstress and am going to use GoldenStitch in Golders Green I think.  

Beware of Alterations Boutique in Marylebone - I went to see them a few weeks ago and had a really disappointing experience. They were rude and didn't instil confidence AT ALL. I would keep looking if I were you.  

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Hi, That's interesting. You went all the way to Golders Green instead of Marylebone. Long way to go! If you are still searching for a seamstress why are you telling us you are going to Golden Stitch in Golders Green? It Sounds like a bit of promotion to me. Not suggesting you are a pretending to be a bride so you can promote a company but it does certainly sound that way.

I am visiting Alterations Boutique based on a recommendation from Golden Sash Bridal. I purchased my dress from them and they sent me to them. I had a wonderful experience there and the staff were polite and professional with me. Seems a completely different experience to the one you had. 

I suppose people should visit each business and see which they prefer. In my case I am glad I listened to the recommendation and visited Alterations Boutique.

Here is a link to their site

0207 724 4147



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I can whole heartedly recommend the tailor that I used in Battersea. His name is Ameer and he runs Violet Dry cleaners on Queenstown Road. He is a very humble guy and a trained master tailor. I asked him to change the neckline on my wedding dress, which he did beautifully for under. A week later, while trying the dress on by myself at home (not a recommended activity!), I managed to get my zip stuck in the lace and ended up cutting the zip open with a pair of scissors. It was an absolute mess. I took it back to Ameer and he took the whole dress apart, in order to remove the zip, and replaced it before stitching the dress back together. It looked absolutely seamless, as though nothing had ever happened to the zip.

All in all, he charged me under 100 pounds for the alterations, which I thought was incredibly reasonable. 

Details below your reference:

Violet Drycleaners

57 Queenstown Road



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Harriet72 - I am definitely not promoting Golden Stitch, I live in North London so its just as convenient if not more so than Marylebone for me. 

Alterations Boutique have done loads of fake comments on this board, its pretty transparent once you look at them. I would even hazard a guess that your own comment is such given its tone.

I've just given my personal experience, they were very rude and I would never recommend them. 

Anyway as it transpires, I am not completely happy with my experience so far at Golden Stitch either though they are 10000% more personable than the lady I dealt with at Alterations Boutique.

For me, the search continues for the perfect London alterations.... has anyone used Elitealterations? They come out to do fittings at your home. I've put in an enquiry and they were recommended on LoveMyDress but interested if anyone has firsthand experience?

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Alterations Boutique were recommend to me by Golden Sash Bridal and I have had a wonderful experience with them. My Wedding Dress was altered to perfection and they were kind and helpful throughout.

Julia x




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