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HELP: Where to get a custom made wedding dress?


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My wedding will be in March 2019. Im considering to design my own wedding dress. Anybody knows where I can get this? I wanna keep my budget under $1000. Is it possible´╝č Im in New York btw.

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one of my friend two months ago custommade her dream weddingdress on ,and she received it yesterday,she told me that she can’t even explain how much she loved her dress,it was everything she expected ,you can check on this website,hope this helps

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Etsy! I'm getting mine custom made for around £700 :)


Etsy is a great idea as rammgeist suggested, otherwise I've seen several ladies just use local seamstresses with great results.  Make sure to ask to see pics of their work before you hire anyone. 

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My friend ordered a custom made dress from LUNSS, which is an online design shop. She had the first trial with a bridesmaid dress, it came out beautiful. Then she ordered the second dress for me, costs $189. It is beyond my budget, but they designed it with our demands and used very good fabrics. I just love it. She designed her own wedding dress there also, and paid $665 after using the points got from the two bridesmaid dresses and their 30% off coupon. We were superised that the dress did look fab with such price. Plus they always send dress finished photos for confirmation before shipping. If order such a dress with design service in L.A., I guess at least costs over $1500 easily. Her wedding will be at the end of Oct. I would share my pic then;)

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My sister got her wedding dress made from Lunss. I love it.

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