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So I want convertible dresses for the bridesmaids. Im having 2 maids of honour so they have a teal colour and the others are Tiffany blue. Has anyone had convertible dresses?? Are they difficult to do??? Would they be more stress than necessary?? I want everyone to have a different style so I figured they were the best way to ensure the material and colours matched. I have until November but wanted to get them soon so the girls could practice.



look at Willow and Pearl....beautiful fabric, and you can loan a sample dress to play with before conmitting to buy


I was a bridesmaid this year and we had them from Debenhams. I personally wasn’t keen as I didn’t think the fabric was wonderful (we had pale pink and I just didnt Think they were flattering, although only £90 compared to £200 from some other places which I imagine would have a much heavier fabric and lining). 

get them in plenty of time and dedicate a few evenings to playing around with them. We found it quite hard to find a way of wearing them that we were comfortable with and that was flattering that also worked with wearing a bra (we are all D/DDS), so it took a while to find a variety of styles that looked good, flattered and worked with a decent strapless bra. If you give yourself plenty of time to play around with them though you’ll be fine. 

New bride

I was a bridesmaid for my aunt a few years ago and we got some multiway dresses from Monsoon. They were beautiful material and not too difficult to do, i did ask what style she wanted me in and did a practice to see if I could do it. Monsoon helpfully had a video/picture how to so you could see how to achieve the different looks. You could always have a look on YouTube as I am sure there were tutorial videos there for multiway dresses xx

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Or have a look at Dessy dresses as you can get different styles in the same material/ colours? 

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