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Do the flower girls have to match each other?


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I have 2 flowers girls who are both my niece's. One is 6 and the other will be 2 in November. I'm having them both in burgundy but I can't find 2 dresses of the same that I like for the both of them! I've found 2 I love but they're both different but the same colour. Will it really matter too much?


Its entirely up 2 u, but no I don't think it matters. 

Its very common to have same dresses/different colours or same colour/different dresses these days, n at the end of the day its ur wedding so if u think its ok, then its ok!


I'd go for the 2 different dresses personally. Even  if you did find 1 dress for them both it would look completely different on a 2yr old to a 6yr old. My girls are 6 and 8 and being flower girls so they both have matching dresses - they still look different as my 6 yr old is a dot!

New bride

I think as long as the both dress colors match your wedding theme, it is totally fine with different designs.

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