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New bride

Hi all...

Just an update to confirm...I have now found out that Davids Bridal did in fact order in the wrong sized dress...they should have ordered a 16 standard but in fact ordered a 16W which is longer in length and wider in width...but they still do not accept responsibility for the error and will not pay for my alterations. This place definitely makes money on ordering dresses up too big and then cashing in on alteration expenses....

Thinking about it my daughter whose dress we bought from here last year had the same trouble...landing us with a £650.00 alterations bill....on top of an expensive dress which fitted well in the shop...and the length was perfect suddenly on arrival needed huge alterations.

I hadn't thought anything of it but having brought a second purchase and had the same issue...I can see a pattern forming. I guess people think it is normal to need a lot of they only buy one wedding dress.

Be very careful....

New bride

Ordered a wedding dress 'special order', so 3 month delivery. Dress arrived after 2 months, with hole in bodice; second dress arrived after a further three months in the wrong size. Rejected the goods as per English law, and therefore entitled to a refund. The company accept the first dress was defective and the second was the wrong size, but they state that the CONSUMER RIGHTS ACT gives THEM the right to keep trying to produce the dress as ordered.   What rubbish!!!   They are in breach of contract, and they have consistently failed to reply to correspondence until I have used Twitter. Brides - do not choose to use Davids Bridal until you have googled 'Davids Bridal complaints' and read the awful reviews on their products and customer service!!


Dino thread

But yes, my multiple experiences with this company were beyond HORRIBLE. Ditto to ordering things late, ordering things in the wrong size, but worst of all, my dress arrived last minute with flawed fabric and they didn't finish the alterations. WIth just days to go before the wedding, I had to wear it that way.  

Buy somewhere else, anywhere else. Last I heard, they had also filed or planned to file for bankruptcy.

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