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New bride

Hi there i recently reserved the dj for our wedding for £150 i then looked up his packages and realised just how expensive he was ( ranging between £774-£1134 ) i picked him as he is a regular at our wedding venue and has great reviews, but everyone i speak to tells me that he is ridiculously over priced so could people tell me how much they spent on their DJ (please bare in mind im looking for one with a white starlight booth) is it normal to spend that much or is he as over priced as everyone keeps telling me?? 



Ours is around £250-300.

My planning thread:

Wedding addict

Ours is about £500 too (includes starlight booth, uplighters and confetti cannon). So does sound a bit expensive x

Wedding addict

We’re paying £420 for our DJ and that includes 30 minutes ceilidh calling and the lights.

New bride

Thank you Beth78 that looks great i will definitely look into it and thank you for all you other comments on price it have given me food for thought and i think i better look around quick smart and see if there is anyone cheaper and available for our date today.

Wedding planning is so stressful, i have never made so many lists in my life!!!!

New bride

You may expect to pay £250-£350 for an evening function of 5-6 hours.

If you require music throughout the wedding breakfast and early set up, that could be £400-500.

I'm only basing that on what I charge in Herts/Beds/Bucks, but this could be cheaper further north and more expensive in london. 

You should expect a wedding consultation with an opportunity to discuss music and planning of the evening. If they charge significantly more than I do, it may be that they include LED Dancefloor perhaps?

Good luck with your search!

New bride

It's not unusual to find people charging around £1,000 for the " All Day" services, ie ceremony music, MC'ing, background music, mics for speeches, Evening disco, and possibly other extras. You're not just paying for someone to press play for a few hours, there's a lot of organisation and preparation before the event, and the hourly rate will be nearer £1000 divided by 50 than £1000 divided by 5. 

I'm one of the less expensive, and even my all day rates regularly top £500, and that's without mood lighting. It's not impossible to get a good disco for around £200 evening only, but all day is a very different matter, mainly because not all DJs can do it, or offer the service. 

Wedding addict

I’ve payed £350

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