Linen vs Paper napkins


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ok ok I know how dumb this sounds and it's a total non-problem but I need opinions!

I am such an aesthetics kinda girl. I'm obsessed with interior design and event dressing and everything being perfect. Finishing touches are super important to this for me. But I'm really struggling to find anywhere to hire 42 yellow linen napkins for less than £80!!!!! That seems ridiculous to me? And I don't want white I want them to be mustard yellow that's important.

So my question is if you were at a wedding that was beautifully decorated and lovely and the food was exquisite and sumptuous and it was a totally lavish day... Would you even notice if the napkins were paper? Would you want 2 napkins for practicality like one on the plate for decor and one underneath as a backup?

Again I'm completely aware that this is stupid but I'm stupid so there we go! If anyone knows any cheaper suppliers to Northumberland let me know!


Could you buy cheaper white ones and dye them?

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MrsCToBee wrote (see post):

Could you buy cheaper white ones and dye them?

I second this. We're not dying them but I've bought our table cloths from eBay as it was cheaper than hiring them. Dylon do decent washing machine dye you can use and it might be cheaper?

I would definitely only have one though!! If I was a guest id get confused if I had two, although maybe that's because I'm not sophisticated!


I think 1 nice bright yellow paper napkin per person will b just fine 


Why didn't I think about buying white and dying them??? I'm always dying stuff yellow! I use turmeric and salt so it's all natural and super vibrant.

You guys are the best thank you!!


ShitGotReal wrote (see post):

I bought 110 yellow fabric napkins for £140. It is a silly expense, but put of all the silly expenses that I didn't do, that one was important enough to me to make the cut! As was chair hire over chair covers actually, I suppose I'm more aesthetic inclined than I even realised! 

Tell me about it! I'm still going back and forth over £100 for copper cutlery hire because everything is warm metals and silverware will stick out and be an eye sore... You know to me, no one else will notice lmao 

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