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New bride

Hi all, I’m looking for neutral advice- I’ve had problems with my in laws for years now as they don’t really accept me. This is ok, I‘ve learnt to not be upset so long as H2B sticks by me.

Problem is, throughout all of these problems we’ve adopted Buddy Holly by Weezer as ‘our song’ as it has lines about sticking with your girl no matter what people say etc. Although this is our song, I really don’t want to give MIL/FIL the satisfaction of lyrics which are about them! MIL will already have a face like Dot Cotton licking wee off a nettle anyway and I really want our first dance to be about us, not them. Does anyone have any words of wisdom, or advice about picking a suitable song? 

Wedding addict

I love that song!!   Why do you think the lyrics would seem to be about your MIL/FIL?...  If its special to you then go for it, if anything I think it's a more contemporary choice so I can't imagine anyone thinking of your in laws if you played it 😉

New bride

I think I’m just scared about the ‘What’s with these homies dissing my girl?’ and ‘I don’t care what they say about us anyway‘ raising a few eyebrows. Probably nobody will notice and I’m being overly sensitive to it, as I’m already uncomfortable about the fact they’ll be there in the first place! Just don’t want any excuses for them to create further drama 😕


I'm a stubborn cow and would go with it deliberately to shove the metaphorical 2 fingers up at them hahaha

Wedding addict

Im having the conga so...

Wedding addict

If it means something to you, I think you should stick with it, people may not notice the words anyway as you said. We can’t think of a first dance Song, any suggestions?xx

Wedding addict

We are having everlong by the foo fighters.... We both love it so tough if no one else does... It's only five minutes long after all 😊

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