Where to find a wedding photographer?


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New bride

Please ladies where did you find tour photographer?  I don't know where to look😅.

Wedding addict

I actually went to a website called Fearless Photographers which is where photographers from all over the world submit their portfolios, win awards etc. You can put a tender request out so all the best photographers out there can tell you if they are available for your wedding/location/budget.

Through this we got our photographer, super excited and def within our budget. Plus he ranks in the top photographers globally and within the top 5 in the UK. 

Take a look, it certainly saved me a huge amount of google searching as the photographers came to me instead x 


When I was looking for mine, I went to lots of wedding fayres to meet them because how they were as a person was very important to me.  I also asked recently married friends for their recommendations and just went from there really.  Having someone who had a paid-for award wasn't something that I was really into (and not now that I'm a photographer too) but each to their own 

New bride

Hey Sandy!

Congratulations on your engagement!! We are a photographer duo, based in London, and we would love to shoot your wedding. I know it's an absolute minefield trying to look for one, there's so many out there! We shoot documentary style, and have a very fun and relaxed feel to our work.

We can tailor a package to suit most budgets, and travel all over the UK (and abroad)!

Our website is and our instagram is

If you would like to get in touch our email is


Good luck with the planning!

Sam xx

New bride

Hi Sandy 

Welcome to the fun craziness of planning your wedding, I am currently going through it so understand not knowing where to start. 

I am a photographer with a passion for weddings along with my work partner Stephen. We would love the opportunity to work with you on your big day. 

We offer both photography and videography in a package to suit you and your partner. 

For more information you could email me at 



Wedding blogs! I spent ages browsing and looking at photos from other people's weddings, and when I saw some I liked, I made a note of the photographer. Seeing their work tells you so much more than meeting them in person or friends' recommendations, because everyone's taste is different.

New bride

Hi SandyC!

My wedding venue provided me with some recommendations.

Also on Facebook I typed in the venue and looked at public posts, it displayed previous photographers work who had tagged themselves there. 

But we actually found our chosen photographer at a wedding fayre. 

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