What wedding related thing have you done today?


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Officially ordered my wedding ring!

Wedding addict

Emails! (As I am at work) To our reception venue with questions about room layout options now we have numbers, and advice on options for keeping everyone topped up during the drinks reception and meal. 

Hoping to book a big meal the night before for family and friends who are travelling so just checking with our top choice to see if they can accommodate us - fingers crossed! 

And one email received from the new co-ordinator at our ceremony venue to say hi, all in hand, and offering a rehearsal which has put my mind at rest. Kept having random worries about not fitting down the stairs when walking with my Dad! 

New bride

Future Mrs Clarke wrote (see post):

Picked up my wedding dress 😁


Eeeekk that's soooo exciting for you!! 💞

Today I ordered two bridesmaid dresses for two of my girls to try on. The whole thing is super stressful already, they are all so fussy! 😂🙈


Oooh exciting I've got no one to talk to about the little bits I'm getting done except h2b! 

Today I've paid the registrar, paid the remaining to the florist, confirmed again details with future MIL about the cake as she will be starting the decorations soon and confirmed thank you gifts are ordered. 

Now looking for gift ideas for my H2B :)


Officially booked the week before and week after my wedding off work.

Also having a slow work day so googling wedding readings and trying to decide what song to walk down the aisle to.

Wedding addict

Gave evening invites to colleagues - a bit nerve wracking as only inviting those I work most closely with in an open plan office, so trying to be discreet and catch them all together took most of the morning. They were all pleased though 😊

New bride

Posted the last of my Save the Dates and H2B has booked our accommodation for our wedding, as we are getting married abroad. Looking up florists and comparing prices and arrangements.

New bride

Had nightmares all night about the wedding day. It's creeping up too quickly. I don't feel reaaaaddddyyyyyy.


We have picked up our rings, brought shoes for h2b and the 3 kids (good thing I left it so late as 2 of them have had a growth spurt!), brought h2b cuff links, picked up his suit from alterations and treated us all to a pre wedding family dinner out as it's the last full day we will have together now until the wedding. 

I've got home and realised I've forgot to buy my wedding undies so back to town next week! 

Only 1 week left for me now

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