Wedding Ceremony Length?? Is it too short?


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To be honest, I don’t think our ceremony will be much longer and although we have 2 readings, they are only short and only take about 2 mins to read. We then just have the music for signing the register.xx 


I honestly think it will be perfect no matter what rituals you do or how long it is – it's your wedding ceremony for crying out loud! Just enjoy it :)

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We have gone for a short ceremony too and I think it will be fine. Remember once you have the music and the time signing the Register it will all add up! As long as you feel comfortable with it that’s what matters, and as it’s your day then it’s about what feels special to you both. We read through the suggested wordings together and a lot of them were just too ‘flowery‘ and OTT for us so we chose the options we liked best and they happen to be short..but doesn’t change the outcome! 

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I’ve had the same thought cross my mind but ultimately I don’t enjoy readings at other peoples so I don’t want them at mine. I totally get why people have them and I’ve heard some beautiful things said but shoe horning some into the ceremony just to drag it out seemed daft. I feel I’d be stood there waiting for them to be over!

I think its one of those very personal things, and also pretty marmite plenty of people have them and equally plenty don’t- just do what you feel comfortable with.

Have a fabulous day x 


Just looked up the sand ceremony thing as haven't seen it before...yeah, it's not for me.

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I have the same worries about my ceremony too but am struggling to find something meaningful / un-cringey to fill the time, I think I might just stick with it as it is.


It is the most important part of the day though and the only part of the day that you actually need in order to be married. I think we can get carried away in the whole celebrations sometimes which can take over the important bit!


For anyone who says 'as a guest I don't like watching this / listening to that' the ceremony isn't for the guests it's for the couple to enter in to a marriage how they choose, and if the guests can't appreciate that and are going to moan then I really don't think they should accept an invitation.


It's completely up to you- I personally love the ceremony part and love watching it! But then I also love the bubbles and canapes sooooo...

You be you, don't worry about what anyone else thinks. If it reflects you and H2B then keep it as it is. Personally I always like a reading, so you could ask someone to do that. We're not very soppy as a couple so are having Union by Robert Fulghum, even that makes me well up though! 


Thanks everyone for your help on this, I've really valued everyone's input.

I've had a chat with the registry office and she laughed at me (in a nice way!) and told me not to worry, that it would still last about 20 minutes after we sign the register etc. I feel more reassured now and everyone's right, it's about what suits me and H2B not what anyone else thinks. If there are guests that feel it's too short well that's their problem not mine!!

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