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Wedding addict


I am currently trying to work out who to buy gifts for and what to get people! I'd like to get people who have helped us something as a thank you.

So please hit me with your ideas and inspiration!! Are you buying gifts? If so, what are you getting for who? And when are you giving them out? X


We are getting gifts for all our helpers and there will be a lot. For my female helpers we have actually sorted their tickets for Thorpe Park for my Hen Do (thanks Tesco!) so have just got them token gifts for the day so far I've got

Game of Scones cook book for my friend who is helping me bake the top tiers of our wedding cake, she loves game of thrones so I had a chuckle when I saw that, she'll love it

For my cousin who is driving me in her vw camper to the church have got her a book gizelles bucket list, its about a girl and her giant dog, my cousin also has a giant dog who she toes on.

my goddaughter is 14 and is playing the piano for me to walk down the aisle, ive hot her musical notes earrings.

my 2 adult bridesmaids both have trollbead bracelets so I've got them a silver bead, one for my supister is a mouse on some cheese, we call her mouse and she will be putting the cheese tower together on the day, my other bridesmaid is my oldest friend and has been brilliant advisor and supporter in wedding dress shopping her bead is called wisest of souls.

My daughter is 10 and chief bridesmaid, I have got her a silver necklace with a heart and a little bird on.

For my parents we are having a picture painted of the two of them on holiday last year.

my other cousin is doing my makeup is obsessed with unicorns and is getting married mnext year, have got her a unicorns treat tin with a mug and some wedding day Yankee candles in.

my friend who has volunteered to help decorate the venue with me loves anything spicy so getting her a chilli taster hamper

for the men

so far just got our 2 ushers a beer selection in a wooden trug with a bottle opener on the side

the best man is also a chilli obsessive so another hamper we think

thats the plan so far and we are giving them out during the speeches on the day.


So far I've only really made headway on the presents for my maids of honour (they're both my best friends and twins so I wasn't going to pit them against each other for the title!!). I'll be giving them their presents on the morning and I'm hoping to include:

A robe for while we're getting dressed and maybe slippers

a bracelet to wear on the day

a mini bottle of prosecco and some prosecco shimmer

personalised champagne flute and a wine glass charm

a bag of sweets and bottle of water 

painkillers for the morning after ;)

and lipbalm!


For the boys we're thinking some nice monogrammed cufflinks, a bottle opener and some socks. Maybe some football tickets too if budget allows. 😊


We're buying gifts for both sets of parents (including my step mum), our bridesmaids and the best men. We'll possibly be buying a token gift for my Auntie and Uncle (also my godparents) as they are kindly paying for our wedding cake :) 

We're getting the mums and engraved wine glass each with their name, title ie. mother of the bride, and the date of our wedding on. We'll get them a bottle of wine each to go with it.

The fathers will be getting a tumbler engraved with the same details as the wine glasses for the mums and a bottle of their preferred drink.

The best men have got a Whisky Glass and coaster set, the glass says Best Man and the coaster says Best Man for a day, Best friend for life. And they'll also be getting a bottle of their preferred whisky each. I'll also be paying for them all to have a meal out/takeaway the night before the wedding and for their breakfast the morning of the wedding.

The adult bridesmaids will be getting a stemless wine glass with their name and role on, with a mini bottle of wine, their favourite sweets, the Bridesmaids DVD, a piece of jewellry and a candle/bath bomb. I'll also be getting them robes to wear on the morning of the wedding. 

Our child bridesmaid (my little sister) will be getting a drinks bottle/fancy cup with her name on, a bottle of schloer, her favourite sweets, a personalised compact mirror and makeup bag with her name on. She'll also be getting her a pandora bracelet that we can add charms to as she gets older (my mum will keep it safe until she gets old enough to wear it/look after it). 

I'll also be getting my mum a robe for the morning of the wedding along with a few other bits to give to her the night before, because she's helped us a lot throughout our relationship and we feel that we want to thank her for that :) 


Some brill ideas there MrsJ2B17! Can I ask where the Best man coasters were from? They sound fab 


I got my bridesmaids a bracelet each. It matches a necklace one brought us all for gifts at her wedding so it tied in nicely. It wasn't the one they wore on the day. 

I brought my sister (kind of moh) a necklace. My niece (flower girl who was 1) an interactive educational toy. If I got her a keep sake my sister would lose it anyway. 

We brought my parents theatre tickets and gave them £150 to cover travel and food etc. 

We gave the in-laws £100 towards their impeding kitten purchase. We struggled with them as they contributed, but not as much as my parents and we couldn't find them anything we liked. So money towards new kittens it was. They were very pleased with this  


MrsRendall2B wrote (see post):

Some brill ideas there MrsJ2B17! Can I ask where the Best man coasters were from? They sound fab 

It was a set from ebay I'll dig out a link for you. 


Best men & ushers and FOG have these glasses, socks, and H2B is organising a golf day for them all

Bridesmaids & MOG have these glasses. One BM has a Pandora Bracelet, so I got her a charm. Other doesn't so got her some rose gold and pearl Ted Baker earrings (will go with BM dress) They are staying at mine the night before, so also bought PJs and these slippers....



Flower girls are 6 months (I know I know, but couldn't leave her out as we only have 2 other nieces, and they are flower girls!) 2 years and 4 years and are getting Pandora charms, they have bracelets which are being kept until they are older. The charms are pink flowers, which is my theme. They are also getting these milk bottles, with their names on. And I am going to put the wooden hearts round the rabbits, then they can play with the rabbits, but have a keepsake for their rooms.



I have bought plain white paper bags from Amazon and am going to attempt to print on them. I'll put the same design on my invitations on, and their names.

Still undecided on what to buy FIL & MIL. 


My 3 bridesmaids I'm going to make necklaces for them (delicate metal chain with sunflower charm) and I'd like to get them all fluffy dressing gowns for the morning of the wedding. 

My mum and dad I'd like to get them each a personalised wine glass or something.

I'm not sure what my fiance is thinking for his groomsmen and parents.

We're having a diy wedding on a very tight budget so I imagine we'll have a few people helping out but we won't be buying them gifts because it's an expense we can't afford and they'd understand - if they're helping it'd be out of the goodness of their hearts! I made my sister in laws wedding cake just because I wanted to help and didn't expect or receive a gift in return :)

Our son will be 2 1/2 at the wedding and is a groomsman but no idea what to get him yet - he's only a year old now so I don't know what 2 1/2 year olds like lmao 

Wedding addict

Not sure what to get parents as yet

For my dad though i do have a bottle of Gentlemen Jack Daniels

Our Usher collects anything Jack Daniels so have got him a metal sign and 3 different JD gift sets

Best man and Bridesmaid both have £30 1.5l bottle of jagermeister each

My Maid of honour is also taking some photos for us and collects vintage cameras i have managed to pick up 2 vintage cameras with accessories and cases for her

My younger bridesmaids have an initial silver necklace and some toiletries to go in a little tote bag with bridesmaid written on


New bride

I haven't got there yet, but I am thinking of getting my dad, mum and sister(moh) photoframes in their own taste, so leather for my dad, silver for my mum and colourful for my sister. They will all have IOU one good wedding photo signs in them, which I will provide after the wedding.

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