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I'm wanting to buy some cheap flip flops for guests to wear if heels get too much for everyone! 

Has anyone done this or doing this? If so where did you buy your flip flops from? 

I've looked on Ebay but they seem quite expensive- If I buy 40 pairs it's going to cost around £60.00

I know Primark offer cheap flip flops 90p but didn't know if anyone knew of anything cheaper?



New bride

Hi Charlotte-50, 

We’re doing this and I’ve got them from Primark. Don’t think you can go far wrong for 90p each! They’ve got quite a few different colour options too.


We went to Primark for ours (30) pairs and got a set of 3 wicker baskets from Etsy which we will also use for order of service and confetti and a basket of toiletries in the ladies bathroom. Cost less than £25 for the baskets and flip flops.


Primark!  I don't shop in there as a rule, but at 90p a pair you really won't find anything any cheaper. We have over 120 guests, but only got 20 pairs as I figured we will have lot of people in flats anyway! 

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I got mine from Primark too, i have a pair from a wedding i attended and they are the most comfy flip flopa ive ever bought!

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Guys don't spend too much and don't buy too many - every wedding I have been to where these flip flops are offered no-one bothered with, they just went barefoot or had already prepared with flats!


^ this.  Seriously I've only ever seen a couple of people use them.

Sorry but I think it's just to wasteful - more plastics the planet doesnt need? not to mention the issues with where cheep clothes r made...!

Wedding addict

I had flip flops and bought about 30 pairs - they were all gone by the time the wedding breakfast was served. 

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