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Hi all 

As part of our budget audit (aka cull) we've decided we don't want an organist, on the basis it is £160 total, we don't actually like the sound of a church organ, and I'd like to walk in to Canon which sounds horrible on an organ. 

Has anyone been to a church wedding where the songs were done on a CD? We would need hymns, too. I've been to civil ceremonies with CD music and it's been fine. 

Interested in everyone's thoughts. 

TY x


I've never personslly been to a church wedding without live music, but that’s not to say it’s never done. And I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t play your music on a cd so long as they have a speaker system so everyone can hear it.


I've never been to a church wedding without live music but our children got to a church of England school and do a church service every other month. They sometimes stream music from YouTube via a laptop using the churches sound system and it sounds great :) 

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I haven’t been to one but we are planning on doing some music using a CD. That’s what the rehearsal is for, to ensure it all runs smoothly.

just a thought, we are having someone who in the family plays the piano playing at our wedding. Is that something you would consider/could have? That way the hymns might work better? 


Have you checked with your church that they will allow this first?

secondly, I would recommend trying this out first if you are able to. you'd need a good sound system to fill the same volume as an organ. are you using a CD player, does the church have it's own speakers etc?

finally, you need someone responsible to sort the CD player out on the day. otherwise it could go horribly wrong.


Lots of churches have very good sound systems these days - my grandad's church has a full professional PA system, big screens and a house band!

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I can sympathise, we have paid £80 for our organist and there is no actual church organ as the church is so tiny. So our organist is playing a Yamaha organ - really not sure how Canon in D is going to sound, though I'm pretty sure it won't sound as Johann Pachelbel intended!!! I really wish we had looked into recorded music instead. I am entering to Wagner's Bridal Chorus, my daughter has suggested that we should have a speeded up dance version as the aisle is only about 8 foot long and the organist will barely be two bars in before I reach the alter, though this may be a good thing given the Yamaha organ


Thanks all. 

Future BILs girlfriend plays piano to a very high level, I did think about asking her but thought the piano and organ are quite different and didn’t want to put too much pressure on her.. hmm. Might mention it again! 

I’ll speak to the vicar and see what he says, he‘s quite accommodating!


I have been to a church wedding with no live music, in fact I have been to 3 without live music, just CDs and it was fine, no one really noticed or cared about the lack of live music and the CDs played fine :)

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