Where are you honeymooning?


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Where are you going to go for your honeymoon?

How long are you going for?

How much did you budget for it?

Are you doing a mini moon and having a break before the main moon?


We have a little boy who will be 2.5yo when we get married so will probably only have a week away somewhere and not a lot of money since I no longer have an income so not sure where to go as we want to go outside of Europe!

Ideally we'd love Caribbean or Sri Lanka :)


Haven't had ours yet but so far we are thinking -

An all inclusive cruise around the greek islands.

Either 7 days and upgrade our room and stuff to be extra luxury OR 7 day cruise + 3 day stay at Corfu but keep the rooms and stuff standard.

Costing around £2500 (thats our room plus all food, drink & tips on board. Shore excursions are extra)

We marry in December so not having a minimoon as close to Christmas, will do the honeymoon the following August. We have a daughter who will be 6 then so going in school holidays so she can stay with her grandparents while we are away (I didn't mind her coming with us but H2B wanted it to be adult only)

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SW - 10st 12lb

CW - 10st 4lb

GW - 8st 5lb       


We had a minimoon in Loch Fyne resort, just outside Glasgow, and our honeymoon was Hamburg then Copenhagen, cruise to Oslo then 5 days in Iceland. Iceland was absolutely incredible. I'm a teacher though so am restricted by school hols though which has a big impact. 

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We are riding a tandem bicycle around the western isles of Scotland 😂 h2b is Scottish I've always wanted to go. We've budgeted around 2000 for all food and accommodation. The tandem itself we've bought for this and future holidays though and this was 6000 so a huge chunk of the wedding budget. I quite glad we're having a home honeymoon though because I think I would get stressed packing and flying if we were to go straight after the wedding which was always our plan. We've been to Iceland too which was amazing and I would highly recommend. Some good deals can be had too with excursions thrown in. We had our big holiday last year to Zambia which was incredible, prob not suitable for a young child though, but really a once in a lifetime experience. Whatever you decide I'm sure you'll have an amazing time 😉


We're off to Thailand, koh samui and koh Phangan. Cannot wait! Yes, it's more expensive than your average holiday, but you do get more for your money out there, so it seems. We were wanting Seychelles or Fiji but it was just crazy expensive. With Thailand we've got some lovely places and beautiful beaches without the crazy price tag. 

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We are having a family moon just after the wedding, kids choice CENTREPARCS 🤣🙈... We have been a few times and they love it ... We took them to the Atlantis a few years back and they will tell anyone Centreparcs is their favourite holiday 😮😮 .. Kids 😂

2 Months later we are heading to the Maldives. We have spent months searching and it was coming in around 10k. With children i just couldnt justify spending that amount when they wouldn' be experiencing it too. After 2 hours in Virgin and alot of Negotiating we have paid half that and managed to bag a Water villa. 

Negotiation and perseverance is key 😉😉


We're going to Italy for 12 days, straight after the wedding (Saturday wedding and we fly Monday morning).

6 nights in Sorrento during which we plan to visit Pompeii and Vesuvius, and we might explore more of the Amalfi coast or just relax depending on how we feel. Then 3 nights in Rome, and 2 nights in Venice. Lots of pizza, gelato, wine and sightseeing! 

Our budget is £3.5k including spending money. We've booked the flights and hotels and this still seems realistic. Plus we aren't doing a gift list so I think some guests will give us cash, which can supplement the pizza fund.

We've both only been to Italy on short breaks before and not together, it's always seemed just that bit too pricey for a "normal" holiday, and H2B isn't keen on long beach-only type holidays, so it was the obvious choice for us for something a bit special. 

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We havent planned what we are doing yet as we are getting married in Italy next August anyway. 


But I do really recommend Sri Lanka! I spent 3 months there when I finished uni and I can honestly say you can make Sri Lanka what you like! It is so diverse in the things to do/experience and has some great beaches too! It is a small island so it can be easily travelled across too if that is something you are interested in. 

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Hawaii for 2 weeks a week after the wedding. I'm so excited 

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Mini-moon in Cotswolds and then Cornwall and then a week in Corsica in September.

Originally booked two weeks in Costa Rica with no mini-moon but then realised about Zika (we plan to start trying right after the wedding!)

Ended up deciding to go smaller overall and spend more money on doing up our new house!

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We are also going to Italy.  We are flying the Tuesday after we get married on the Saturday and going for 15 nights. We are having 4 nights in Rome and 11 nights in Amalfi coast and our agent has arranged all the flights, train and private transfers.xx

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We also had a young child, we didn't have much money  so went to easyjet to find the cheapest city flight. As we wouldn't take a child on holidays to a city, so we made the most of it whilst he wasn't with us. We ended up in Prague, absolutely loved it. 


We are planning to walk along Hadrian's Wall from Newcastle to Carlisle for our minimoon, for a week right after the wedding. We will be staying in some really nice hotels and that comes to about 500£

Then the year after we are hoping to go back to Japan for our hobeymoon. That isnt planned in detail yet. But we are wanting to spend a couple of days in a resort in Okinawa. Thinking this will cost between 4000-6000£. However we are having a honeymoon gift registry rather than going for household goods.

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Kenya and Tanzania! 

Weve got a week on safari at Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mara, then a week on Zanzibar. I can’t wait! 

Weve done a lot of travelling together, but always backpacking and never to Africa, so this will be really special :) We don’t go until a few months after the wedding as couldn’t take too much time off work all in one go. 

ETA - cost just under £8k, terrifying as we normally travel on a budget, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

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Jessie18 wrote (see post):

Hawaii for 2 weeks a week after the wedding. I'm so excited 

We would love to do Hawaii! Can I asked who you booked with, where you are visiting and roughly how much it was...Just want to get an idea if we can afford it :)


New Zealand for 2.5 weeks with 4 days flopping on a beach in Malaysia on the way home. Can’t wait. We fly in 11 days. 😃

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We are going to Egypt for a week all inclusive 


hope you get some were u will have a amazing time x