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Just looking to see if anyone has any recommendations on hotels in Vegas

We are looking to stop off for a few days, but i havent been for over 10 years and no doubt there is newer and better hotels

ideally looking for an on the strip location


My OH just got back from a business trip there; he usually stays at Harrah's.  They are always reasonably priced if booked well in advance. His room this time was DISGUSTING.  He complained and got a better room - but it's unfortunate to have this experience to begin with.  I've been there as well and thought their rooms were really small.

I stayed at Marriott's Grand Chateau a few years back. We had a HUGE "room" with a kitchen, two bedrooms, and everything. It was very nice.

There are so many hotels on the strip, the saying "there's something for everyone" really does apply. I guess it depends on what you need/ want.

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Depends on your budget but I can personally recommend the Palazzo. I’ve also heard good things about the Aria and Cosmopolitan hotels.


I've stayed in the Mirage, MGM, The Luxor and Hooters. I honestly couldn't say a bad thing about any of them but my favourite is without doubt the Mirage. Our room was HUGE with a bathroom TV over a massive jacuzzi bath. The pool area is also amazing. Its a great location, right next door to Caesars forum shops (i still dream about the cheesecake factory there) and opposite all the new (well it was brand new when i was there in 2013) shops, bars and restaurants. The MGM casino is great but the pool was just too busy. The Luxor pyramid rooms are again massive, but basic and at the far end of the strip its more of a walk to get anywhere. Hooters is very no frills basic, and the pool is tiny, but it is cheap and clean and ive deffo stayed in worse places! 

Personally id say any of the main hotels in between Wynn and Monte Carlo are the best location, and i dont think ive heard a bad thing about any of them. 

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We stayed in Mandalay Bay and it was lovely. Very plush.

It is at one end of the strip though and if I went back again would probably choose to stay more central. 

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We stayed at Caesers couldn’t of asked for better, nice size room, nice and central on the strip. Different rooms for different budgets we didn’t need bigger however friends got upgraded as they were getting married and they had a suite that was huge.

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I have been to Las Vegas several times.

I loved the Encore at the Wynn or Wynn this is lovely! I used to have the impression that its a little out of the way up the strip but it's really not and theres a lovely shopping mall pretty much opposite too. There are often deals for the Wynn that include a free room upgrade and free buffet breakfast so always ask about this when booking because I have managed to find this deal often for my customers. I also love the Cosmopolitan in the Bellagio Fountain view room with a balcony, these have better views than the actual Bellagio does.  I have also stayed in the Mirage which I liked too and great for those trying to keep the budget down. Hope that helps.

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Last time I went I stayed at the Cosmopolitan, it was a lovely hotel and the main perk was having a balcony room over looking the Bellagio fountain that offered an incredible view of the display.  

I've previously (about 8 years ago stayed at the Bellagio) it was lovely but felt a bit dated then.  My favourite pool is definitely The Mirage, I haven't stayed there, but friends have an say it's great and you can get suites for quite a reasonable price

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I'm headed to Vegas in a few weeks and will be staying at the Aria. I've heard nothing but amazing reviews.

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