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Your next cruise sounds very similar to ours, we go from Sicily! Is it Thomson? We booked our honeymoon cruise before NCL brought in Premium AI- I don't think it makes much difference on the price but it is nice to know everything is included. We did get the drinks package for free anyway, which was most cocktails, wines etc- not that we drank much! But it was nice to just get a drink if we wanted it and not worry on price. There would still be a few things not included with the AI like drinks over $15, gelato, speciality dining etc. And I think fancy coffee is only included in restaurants, not at bars. They like to make it complicated!


Oh Sammy that sounds painfully and unnecessarily complicated. Why cant they just do it one way or the other, AI, or not AI. Maybe a bit of a too good to be true marketing ploy. Did you get the drinks package free as it was your honeymoon? Yes our next one is Thomson - it is on their new ship which is being finished in May I think and also on their new "AI" package - I'll let you know what Thomson's version of ALL inclusive means when we get back haha! Yes it is quite similar to yours actually - I was so tempted to book our one when you told me about it - is it the amazing price you found the a new MSC ship? 

Sadieee we are going to Dominican Republic in Jan to an "ultra-all-inclusive" adults only hotel, which belongs to the same chain of hotels we stayed in in Mexico, called Secrets resorts. I would 100% recommend it. Our 7 night stay in Jan cost £1300 each including flights. We booked this through Tropical Sky. 

Yes it's on the MSC Meraviglia, shes new this year! It was so dirt cheap I couldn't resist- less than £300 each for 5 nights! NCL used to give away 'perks' with bookings pretty much all the time so we got free drinks and speciality dining for free anyway. I'm mostly thinking the AI is just the same as ever but the tips are included.

A lady at my work did a cruise on the TUI Discovery last year and really liked it! She said the food was fantastic. She had to pay for the drinks package though so it must have been before they went AI. Their new ships look beautiful (in contrast to their old ones which look tiny and dated to me, but I'm used to megaships!)

Have to say I do fancy a posh AI in Mexico, but I'm dying to go back to Orlando so that's going to take priority for now! I've been to the Dominican when I was cabin crew and also Cancun and Cuba but honestly I was so sleep deprived I can't remember what any of them are like lol. I am very jealous you are getting some winter sun!


Hi sorry just noticed you replied! Of course! We booked it through Thomson :) 

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I would also say Dominican Republic or Mexico for that budget, maybe even Cuba (though the food there is horrible!)

Thailand and India are also great for your budget, the former better for beaches and luxury. 

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Sardegna is amazing and less than 3 hours away on the plane!

The beaches look like those Caribbean and the water is so crystal clear :)

Just have a browse on Google and you will see what I mean!

Catherine x


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