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Hi all,


It would be much appreciated if I could have some hair and make-up artists recommendations for Hertfordshire. Ideally I'd like one woman to do both hair and make-up, but does that narrow my search a lot?



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Hi - I can recommend a hair and makeup duo called Infinity Hair and Makeup. If you google them and include Hertfordshire they are the first hit on google. Emma did my makeup and my bridesmaids for the wedding and is amazing! They are based over Stevenage way but will travel within Herts xx


have a look on Instagram at makeup by Roxy, she is sooo good!

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Thanks all! I'll definitely look into the suggestions.

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Thanks all, really helpful!! 


I am using Shahnaz Walford (

I used her in 2010 (for what I now refer to as my practice wedding/marriage) and she was excellent, so I am back again in 2018. 

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