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videographer problems - please help!


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Hi all, I was in the same boat as you all until yesterday. We got married in August 2016. He was late with our trailer.. he said we would have it by October 2016, we didn't get it until March 2017. And then we were chasing and chasing for a video that we thought would never come. We had left messages on his social media sites, emailed him numerous times. All were either ignored, or occasionally responded to saying it would be ready next week, or the next few days. We had also been in contact with others in the same boat, and were starting to look into legal action or potentially getting a group of us together as a class action, but then in October my husbands father unexpectedly got diagnosed with extremely aggressive lung cancer, and we didn't know how much time he would have left. Obviously we had lots of things to worry about then, so suing was the last thing on our minds but it still broke my heart that my father-in-law wouldn't see the video. So, unbeknownst to my husband, I emailed again, in a last ditch attempt to appeal to his sense of decency to try and get even just the raw footage so we could show this to my father-in-law before he died. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. My father-in-law passed away 10 days later. 

Yesterday, out of the blue, I got an email with the link to my full video, with an explanation that he had been very ill this year, that he took on more work than he could cope with and has dealt with it very badly, and that he apologised for not getting it to me sooner. Unfortunately it's too little too late, in every sense of the word. The video is good, we have a few things we would like changing, but are not holding our breath that this will happen - and to be honest although I have the link to my video, I'm not going to be completely happy until I have the actual files myself.

It's all just so upsetting, you can't mess with people like this - everyone makes mistakes and bites off more than they can chew, especially due to unexpected illness or what have you, but you cannot just go off the radar. It's unacceptable. If anyone does end up setting up a class action, I'd be more than happy to take part. This has caused so much distress, and left an ugly cloud over an otherwise perfect day.

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Hello ladies,


So so depressing to see so many of us had the same issues with Daniel! He seemed so nice beforehand and on the day didn't he?! We got married July 2017 and have since struggled with him. He eventually - after we threatened legal action - sent us a link to a trailer, which needs changes, but again has stopped replying. We are seeing if a friend who is a solicitor will compose a letter for us.

In the meantime, my friend posed as a potential client and he replied himself directly the next day!

I have had contact with a lady who had the same issues, via Facebook, and she said she got her files from him by speaking to a relative of his. This shouldn't have to happen though either, of course. 

I do also agree with other posters that a group legal action would be fantastic, but I don't live in the UK atm and I am guessing everyone is spread out over the country so it would be tricky.

Whilst we wait to hear back from our solicitor friend, I was wondering - would it be a good idea for us all to contact Trading Standards? Complaints to them in numbers would surely raise a concern and they may investigate? Frankly I don't think this guy deserves anybody's business, he should be severely penalised for such unprofessional behaviour, and others should be warned about him!!

Bizarre - why do you think he does this? Laziness? Just a scam artist? We originally thought it was just us because he had issues with our video. There are such lovely ones on his site. The trailer he sent us was quite different and we were disappointed with it.



Definitely contact trading standards. He needs to be stopped from taking anymore business. Clearly he doesn't care about his customers, if he did he'd be doing everything possible to get what is owed to everyone.

If you think it might be too difficult to start a group court claim then why not club together to pay a 'private detective' to get his address.

The other option is to flood the internet with reviews. Hopefully that will be enough to stop anyone else from using him. As long as you're being honest then there is no issue with posting a bad review.



Ladies, I’m sorry to hear that there are so many of you with bad experiences! 

I think that you would all have strong legal cases should you wish to peruse the issue further, however I can imagine this to be very costly. A while ago I saw a case on ITV’s Judge Rinder dealing with a similar issue, it may be worth contacting the show to raise more awareness of the issues surrounding this! 

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Hello Everyone,

I'm Dan from Shoot Me Now Films,

So firstly I didn't realise this thread existed till a few days ago,

I'm very sorry to anyone on this thread who has been experiencing any issues with myself.

Looking through the vast majority of comments on this thread and linking the comments with couples I have filmed, mostly all of these issues have been rectified if not completely sorted.

I'm not going to deny that I have had issue throughout the year with adhering to timescales for getting films back to couples and I completely hold my hands up to this and apologise, this was never my intention.

I really am not a scam artist or anything of the sort,

I take my time to create films that couples love and watch over and over again,

I film upwards of 25-30 films a year and it upset to me to hear that some couples are unhappy with my service. I really do apologise if this is the case.

I try my absolute hardest but again, I hold my hands up to this, I have struggled.

If anyone at all is affected by this thread at all or needs anything from me I don't already know about please get in touch and I will try my absolute hardest to help in anyway I can to rectify any situation that may be on-going or already dealt with.

Thank you all for your honest comments and opinions, it is absolutely welcome and a clear insight into what I as an individual and as a company must improve on.

I have been in business since 2012 filming consistently 30-40 weddings a year and have never had any issues but unfortunately this last year has not been the case.

I know myself that moving forward to rectify any situation still outstanding I must learn from these comments and opinions and so I thank you all for them.

If anyone at all wants to contact me about anything my email is and has always been - and I will get back to people as quickly as I possibly can.

thank you.



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Good Afternoon,

I am sorry to hear about the problems that you have encountered with regards to your Wedding Video. One thing I can say is if you are able to use a provider like the Welsh Wedding Guild of Wales all suppliers are fully vetted in advance and belong to this highly professional organisation, where these problems never occur.

They provide a fantastic service with regards to all your Wedding & Honeymoon needs, and all suppliers come very highly recommended, worth visiting their website, they offer the whole package.

Wishing you well.

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We specifically requested that it be ready for Christmas as we have lost two significant people since the wedding and were desperate to watch the video as a family at Christmas together. Knowing this, Daniel promised to get the film to us in time for Christmas.

There’s no doubting the man’s ability, the trailer is superb, as are the other trailers on his website.

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I’ve watched this thread for a while and whilst ive not posted - (I was hoping our situation would be resolved).

We were happily married in July 2016!!!

we have been waiting for over 18 months now for our wedding video and trailer and are now wondering how to pursue this with further action. Like most people have already stated we are well over due our video and service we paid well for.


it would be helpful to know IF Dan has said - other couples situations have been successfully resolved?

If there are still unresolved issues could we please get numbers and details and if anyone else is watching this thread in a similar position please get in touch or private message myself. 

It may be necessary to get together to decide on a further course of action to progress this case. 

Dan - unfortunately this is not going to go away and I’d rather you just messaged me back after the numerous times I’ve got in touch and left my mobile number each time pleading with you to at least acknowledge us.



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Wedding Feb 2017, trailer received, still waiting for full film. 

Such a shame as he is obviously a very talented film maker, the trailer is fab.

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I wish we could even watch a trailer as it was made available for a limited time only and now we can’t even access that or have a hard copy. It’s just not what you’d expect for £1400 is it.?

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As soon as I came across this thread I had to post and tell my story. I've been trying to get in touch with Shoot me Now i.e Dan for a few years now! I am so sad to hear that this has happened to other people I thought I was the only one. I feel your pain.

I'll try keep it short..

Got married Aug 2014...yes that is right!! Brilliant on the day as per previous posts. We received the trailer shortly after with no issues and it was great, could not wait to see the full video. 

Three and a bit years later and after numerous emails from different accounts and via his website, nothing. Then around Aug last year got a reply from the assistant to say we thought we did it!! (We moved house shortly after the wedding and before we did I sent them an email with new address.) He said no worries We'll get it to you as soon as wedding season quites down....and nothing since at all. I have checked the old address and there was no dvd there.

I sent him a letter but guess what? It came back to me about a month later could not deliver and no longer at address!! So frustrating! No address, phone listed on website. 

Citizen advice and trading standards are aware now. Next, our solicitor. 

Just want the video up to the standard promised. The memories of the day are priceless hence hiring a videographer. 

Sorry for the rant I don't usually post negative feedback and rather sort it through with them. But I'm left with no option after all this time. 





New bride

Hi M 


could you you please send me a private message, with some details.

I'm collating numbers of couples (under one roof so as to speak). we are better off using a closed group to discuss any actions etc for obvious legal reasons. 

New bride

We have our link to the finished film, awaiting the hard copy.  Very happy.

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We got married in October 2016 and we have still not received our wedding video. After over a year of us chasing Dan at Shoot Me Now we received a trailer and promises of the full video. Dan has come up with various excuses and given false promises along the way. It has been 18 months since our wedding and still no video. 

We are now pursuing legal action against Dan and reporting the matter to Trading Standards.

Anybody who was thinking of using Shoot Me Now for their spedial day do NOT do it. Dan has been wholly unprofessional and caused us stress and upset. I would not recommend him.

Good luck to all of the couples still waiting.


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Hi All, 

Exact same boat as everyone here. I will be contacting Watchdog. If anyone wants to PM me pease feel free to contact me, watchdog is likely to act if more people come forward about the same problem. 



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Hi Steve

There is a private group thread for all of the many many people who’ve been let down by Dan. Pm me your mobile number and I’ll add you. 

I simply cannot recommend anybody to ever hand money over to this man. EVER.


New bride

We were married Dec 16 we received the trailer about March 17 then nothing, no correspondence. Received an email two days before Christmas advising of health problems, embarrassed about situation etc and that we would have our video in a few days. Still nothing. Now three more emails and no response. Happy to go down legal road, just want the footage complete or not. Email if you want to discuss action. Absolutely gutted. 

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My wife and I are in the same boat - it has been 16 months since our wedding!! We have the trailer but no video.

Really disappointing to hear people have received their videos that got married after us too!!

Dan should stop taking on new weddings and concentrate on the ones he has received money over two years ago for!!!!!

Do people think trading standards is the best route?




This is awful and I really feel for you all. I've just come out the other end of legal proceedings (resorted to going on a tv show to get my money back... not me personally but the case) in the end and it's very stressful! What I can't understand are his excuses though, he is actually friends with another videographer friend of mine on Facebook and ive seen him constantly fly over to different countries to give talks and seen all the comments on these live talks about how good he is and what an inspiration he is etc... something really doesn't add up here. He shouldn't be trading and taking people's money if he can't finish (multiple as it seems) jobs. 


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Hi All

We received the full film, but requested edits. Guess what? Lots of promises for delivery, not arrived to date! 

Anyone had any luck with their film?