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In light of recent trolling, I just wanted to thank the folks on this forum who took the time to offer support, advice and opinions while I was planning. 

This forum helped me a lot. For those interacting with Trolly McTrollface, enjoy yourselves and the comedy break from planning, you deserve it. If the rudeness gets to you, you’re all fabulous. Your shapes, sizes, budgets, choices etc are irrelevant. These individuals don’t deserve to take up space in your head.



Lovely 💕 I dont know where people get the time between planning a wedding and maintaining a life to invent numerous personalities (and all the admin and various account setups it must Involve). I really like this forum. In fact I only just admitted to my fiancé I use it because I felt like it was a bit geeky but it’s actually so useful and amazing to just browse, chat and share ideas and opinions on stuff you didn’t even know was *a thing* until you entered the weird world of planning a wedding. It’s an amazing but also overwhelming time and I feel like it’s so great to have a place to vent to people who totally get it, or are going through the same things. Keep it up girls!

Ps I really hope the moderators do an IP search and out the troll!

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