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June 2018 Brides - We Get Married This Month!!!!


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Future-Mrs-G wrote (see post):

Had an absolutely amazing day great weather, total perfection , quick photo xx

Aaaww congrats darling, beautiful pic!


QueenD - Congratulations! What a lovely video, thank you for sharing! You looked so beautiful and so happy! So pleased you had an amazing day xx

Future-Mrs-G - Congratulations!! Whats a beautiful photo. You look stunning. Sounds like you had a fab day, are you going to do a report? xx

Elz2017 - I hope you had a fantastic day on Saturday!!! And congratulations as you're now married!! Please let us know how it went :-D xx


Aww thank you MissGx, it truly was an amazing day xx


Ahh congratulations Elz2017!!! Love your photos, thank you for the sneak peek  I love the jumping one!! your husband looks like hes floating hehe :-) You looked beautiful and I love the ivy in your hair!! wish I was doing something similar. Looks like the weather was perfect too xx

t minus 5 days for me!


Aaaww lovely pictures ladies, love how our days are different and represent the perfect day for each of us. The common thing is that we all look amazingly happy 

Love it!! we need more pictures and good luck to the ones getting married soon 


Talking about pictures, here are a few more from me - sorry I'm being one of those newlywed showing pics to everyone 

On my way to marry my King : 

 This is us in our full outfits, then we changed into our traditional African outfits (Ghana/Ivory Coast) - don't mind the faces on the 2nd one but that's the only pic I have. Can't wait for the official pics


I have a few more pics & videos on my professional page : https://www.instagram.com/blessedweddingsltd/ 



Blush2018 wrote (see post):

Wishing those who are getting married within the last week of June an amazing day! It really does go too fast.

here is a pic from my day on Saturday 

That is absolutely stunning! Congrats Blush2018!

Wedding addict

 snapshot of my happily ever after


Ohhhh so many beautiful photos!!!!

Blush2018 you looked stunning, congratulations to you both!! Lovely photo :-)

QueenD you hit the nail on the head, how all your days are all so different but so perfect for you as individual couples :-) It's so refreshing to see!!

All these photos are getting me SO excited for Saturday! I didn't sleep a wink last night, I was so restless, my mind was racing and I'm in a constant state of excitement/nervousness (I'm nervous about forgetting something!), is this normal? Did you all feel like this on the run up?

Last day at work tomorrow!! xx

Wedding addict

I was sooo nervous in the run up, i must have checked things a thousand times and as soon as i got to the hotel (the day before wedding) i had to unpack everything to check it all again.

And good luck for Saturday! I'm sure u will have a ball, it all goes by so fast


Last one from me guys, I promise 

MissGx 2 more days for you!  Hope you will have an amazing day 


Yes hope you had an amazing day MissGx xx


Thank you so much ladies! We had an amazing day  We want to do it all again!!! xx